October 30th 2006
Electile Dysfunction?
News Release Wire

Former FairVote President Matthew Cossolotto calls for a range of reforms, highlighting two problems of American democracy: "counting the votes" and "making votes count."

October 29th 2006
Making every vote count
Guardian Unlimited

U.K. political commentator notes the growing acceptance of electoral reforms like IRV and proportional voting among those in the ruling Labour Party.

April 16th 2006
Before the robots marched on Springfield
Chicago Sun-Times

Illinois Republicans are on the way to an amendment restoring cumulative voting for state house elections.

December 13th 2005
Honor Rosa Parks

While the U.S. government promotes proportional voting as a means of civic inclusion in Iraq, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr. argues the homefront is marked by an "inequality gap."

December 12th 2005
The Safe Seat Pandemic
Tom Paine

FairVote's Executive Director, Rob Richie, highlights the proportional voting solution to our nation's redistricting woes. These alternatives to winner-take-all elections would provide the competition and choice redistricting reformers seek.

November 27th 2005
Waiting for the Sun Gods
Asian Tribune

Article discussing the problems created by winner-take-all voting systems for Sri Lanka, as well as the likely benefits of a proportional representation system in providing minority representation and stopping distortions in representation.

November 23rd 2005
Smells like a smart system for state's primary elections
Seattle Times

FairVote board member, Krist Novoselic, argues that a ranked choice voting system could solve many of conflicts that have arisen in the course of Washington state's attempts to adopt a top-two primary system.

November 14th 2005
The Redistricting Game: Parties 2, Citizens 0
Capital Commentary, Center for Public Justice

Center for Public Justice commentary calling for proportional representation as an alternative to redistricting reform from a generally centrist, religious perspective.

November 13th 2005
Arnold had the right idea about redistricting
The Herald News

The Herald News cites Fairvote with commentary about the dangers of Gerrmandering and redistricting obstacles.

October 27th 2005
To Tame Polarization Of Politics, Fix Our Redistricting System
Roll Call

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