United Kingdom
May 26th 2005
Kennedy accuses PM of failing voters by dodging 'serious debate' on vote reform
The Independent

The Liberal Democrats continue to make the case for full representation.

May 25th 2005
Kennedy attacks 'Herod' Prescott
BBC News

The appointment of Prescott in charge of an electoral reform committee highlights the need for the adoption of a full representation system.

May 14th 2005
A real democracy needs a system of proportional representation
The Independent

Explains the reasons why full representation is a necessary democratic reform.

March 4th 2005
Greens court anti-war vote
Guardian Unlimited

February 11th 2005
A royal wedding ... oh, that deep sinking of the heart

Proportional representation comes from another part of the brain, less hierarchical, less certain, more consensual - but somehow "not the British way"

February 8th 2005
Isle of Man Today

That was how some experts in electoral reform described the Island's decade-long dalliance with proportional representation. Now

January 13th 2005
The German Greens hit 25: a tale of two parties
Der Spiegel online (English version)

December 13th 2004
Why women hate politics
The New Statesman

June 24th 2004
UK Elections: Gains for Smaller Parties

June 14th 2004
Conservatives Lose Their Place in the Sun
The Scotsman

June 12th 2004
Narrow Victory for Mayor Who Returned to the Fold
The Guardian

May 25th 2004
Why the rapid rise of UKIP will spread alarm among the big three
The Telegraph

May 21st 2004
Nightmare challenge for voters
The Scotsman

May 20th 2004
Euro vote to be done by post
Hucknall Today

March 16th 2004
Hain backs reform of vote system

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May 10th 2005
No alternatives

British election shows the need for full representation to give voters choice in elections and create diverse representation in government.

May 7th 2005
Reform advocates say result �rubs salt in wounds of electorate�
The Herald

Electoral Reform Society argues abandonment of the first-past-the-post system after the British election left many voters under-represented.

May 6th 2005
Electoral 'travesty' favours Labour
Financial Times

A change to full representation voting systems in Britian would increase voter turnout.

May 1st 2005
Need to know
Guardian Unlimited

British citizens overwhelmingly support a change from first-past-the-post to proportional representation voting system.

April 22nd 2005
Reformers bemoan lack of competition
South London Press

Electoral Reform Society urges the use of proportional representation to make elections fair and more competitive.

April 11th 2005
Tony Blair Favored in British Elections
San Francisco Chronicle

Single member districts and lack of proportional representation make it difficult for opposition parties in Britain to win seats.

April 7th 2005
British voting system a source of dissent
The Peninsula

Proportional representation needed to improve general elections.

June 17th 2003
English regions can vote to copy Scotland
The Herald

June 2nd 2003
For years I opposed proportional representation. But now we need it.
The Guardian

Former challenger to proportional representation, Labour Party member Roy Hattersley now supports its positive outcomes, such as political minority representation.

January 28th 2003
PR on the backburner
The Guardian

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February 9th 2004
Darling speeds up electoral reform plan
The Herald

February 4th 2004
Boundary changes
The Scotsman

February 1st 2004
McConnell urged to change rules for PR voting
The Scotsman on Sunday

January 28th 2004
Executive Advised to Make PR Vote Plans Fairer
The Scotsman

January 20th 2004
How Tough is the QLD Question?

January 20th 2004
Electoral System Change 'Could Stop Extremist Parties'
The Scotsman

January 13th 2004
Labour MPs in talks on Holyrood poll plans
The Herald

January 7th 2004
Foulkes wants bigger role for PR at Holyrood
The Herald

June 1st 2003
McConnell: 50% of councillors must be women

February 7th 2003
Marwick on attack after PR bill defeated
The Herald

February 4th 2003
Council vote changes outlined
BBC News

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