United Kingdom
January 21st 2008
Lib Dems may be offered PR as part of power-sharing deal
The Independent

Article discussing proposal by the ruling Labour Party to replace winner-take-all elections for the U.K. parliament with a form of proportional voting.

November 14th 2005
MPs urged to end 'first-past-the-post' election system
The Independent

British electoral reform groups and members of parliament discuss the need for electoral reform and plan to announce the release of reform legislation entitled, the Electoral Choice Bill.

October 10th 2005
Council to discuss post-2007 electoral changes
Buchan Observer

The Aberdeenshire Council weighs the pros and cons of adopting choice voting for Council elections.

August 25th 2005
Kinnock makes case for reforms
The Herald

Former Labour Party leader in the UK speaks out on the need for proportional voting.

August 16th 2005
Most Welsh MPs elected by less than a third of votes cast

Winner-take-all UK voting system is causing low voter turnout and candidates being elected by plurality and, in turn, fueling the demand for electoral reform.

June 15th 2005
The proof: Vote reform will boost turnout
The Independent

Proportional voting systems increase voter turnout.

June 15th 2005
How to make 'wasted votes' count
The Independent

Proportional voting would improve voter turnout and create more diversity in British government.

June 7th 2005
Transition to PR system is inevitable - and it has begun
The Independent

A professor of the London School of Economics argues that the adoption of full representation in the UK will shortly occur.

June 4th 2005
Lack of respect for MPs is blamed on first-past-the-post
The Independent

A full representation electoral system may improve voters' connection with their representatives.

June 3rd 2005
Our jaded political system needs reform
The Independent

The adoption of full representation would improve the state of the UK's democracy.

June 3rd 2005
MPs flock to join all-party campaign for electoral reform
The Independent

The movement for full representation continues in the United Kingdom.

June 2nd 2005
Labour 'will embrace vote reform within ten years'

Pressure for adoption of full representation in the UK will likely continue until reform finally occurs.

May 28th 2005
Ashdown backs vote reform campaign
The Independent

The former Liberal Democrat leader adds his support to the movement toward full representation.

May 27th 2005
Minister appears to show support for poll reform
Financial Times

A Constitutional Affairs minister supports replacing the current first-past-the-post system in Great Britain.

May 26th 2005
Dear Mr Blair: Come clean over vote reform

Charles Kennedy's letter to Tony Blair about the need for reforming the electoral system.

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May 2nd 2007
Americans come for lesson in Scottish democracy
Hollyrood Today

FairVote leads a delegation of pro-democracy leaders, election administrators and public officials to observe Scottish elections under mixed-member proportional and choice voting.

November 30th 2006
Four in five peers would be elected in reform plan
The Independent

Discussion is heating up over reform in the House of Lords of the United Kingdom. Most observers believe that eventually 80 percent of the Lords will be elected.

October 29th 2006
Making every vote count
Guardian Unlimited

U.K. political commentator notes the growing acceptance of electoral reforms like IRV and proportional voting among those in the ruling Labour Party.

September 16th 2005
Must we wait a generation for democracy, here and at the UN?
Guardian Unlimited

Proportional voting would encourage higher voter turnout and broader civic participation in the UK.

September 8th 2005
Greens debate terror and Katrina
BBC News

UK Green Party conference highlights the need for electoral reform.

August 4th 2005
Call for citizens' assembly on electoral system

UK citizens and activist groups demand the government establish a citizen's assembly to finally put proportional voting on the ballot.

July 22nd 2005
Call for electoral reform pledges
Evening Standard

Reformists suggest Prime Minister Tony Blair should implement a referendum on proportional representation to fix the UK's flawed winner take all electoral system.

May 19th 2005
Without change, progressives will fight each other
The Independent

UK needs full representation to cooperatively represent progressive interests.

May 17th 2005
Why the debate on PR is only just beginning
The Independent

Full representation voting systems are a more fair voting system for the UK.

May 17th 2005
Parties team up to call for PR

Protestors demand a switch to full representation to make their votes count.

May 17th 2005
62 per cent of the electorate disagree with Blair on electoral reform
The Independent

Public opinion in the UK overwhelmingly favors adoption of full representation voting system.

May 16th 2005
Blair Pressured to Reform UK Voting System
San Francisco Chronicle

British election strengthens the call for electoral reform and a full representation voting system which makes all voter preferances count.

May 11th 2005
Debate rages over British electoral system after ´┐Żunfair´┐Ż Blair re-election
Khaleej Times

British election shows the need for full representation voting systems.

May 11th 2005
Kennedy calls on Blair to 'pick up the phone' for talks on fairer voting system
The Independent

British party leaders demand an end to the inequalities of the first-past-the-post elections and demand Prime Minister Blair look into voting reform.

May 10th 2005
No alternatives

British election shows the need for full representation to give voters choice in elections and create diverse representation in government.

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June 24th 2007
Ballot paper design at fault for record number of spoilt votes
The Scotsman

Researchers determine poor ballot design caused high rate of vote spoilage in the May 2007 Scottish Parliament elections under mixed member proportional voting.

May 11th 2007
Never mind the ballots, what's the verdict on STV?

Scotland's local council elections under choice voting saw low error rates, fair results and a focus on candidates, not parties.

May 10th 2007
Letter: A call for fair representation
The Guardian

Without proportional voting, Labor would have won a majority in the Scottish Parliament with not even a third of votes, notes FairVote board member and UK Electoral Reform Society director Ken Ritchie.

May 6th 2007
Election chaos unacceptable, say observers
The Scotsman

Sky-high error rates in Scotland's May 3 elections resulted from poor ballot design and inconsistent administration, according to FairVote director Rob Richie.

November 3rd 2006
Reversing voter apathy
The Herald

Education on the the new electoral system is an important part of selling single transferable vote (STV) to voters in Scotland.

October 1st 2005
Scottish Greens sowing the seeds for 2007 elections

Scottish Greens look forward to positive election results under Scottland's new system of proportional representation.

June 4th 2005
Labour 'will lose councils' under new voting system

Choice voting to help make elections fairer in Scotland.

April 30th 2005
Kennedy rules out entering power-share in Commons

Charles Kennedy, the leader of the Liberal Democrats in Scotland, argues for full representation.

March 23rd 2005
Poll proposal that maps out the way forward for wards

STV will replace first-past-the-post system in the 2007 council elections.

March 11th 2005
Labour MSPs battle change in vote system

June 26th 2004
Birth of a Grassroots Transformation
The Scotsman

June 26th 2004
Birth of a Grassroots Transformation
The Scotsman

An analysis of the impact that the introduction of choice voting will have in Scotland.

June 23rd 2004
Go-Ahead for New Election System
Glasgow Evening Times

June 22nd 2004
Voters Support Election Reforms
The Herald

February 11th 2004
How we Scots vote should be up to us
The Scotsman

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November 14th 2006
Hain's PR ban could result in a 'crisis' in Wales
IC Wales

The Welsh Secretary of State has come out against proportional representation (PR)in local elections. Many believe this is a political move, saying that the Labour party supported PR when they were not the majority party.

June 15th 2005
New powers for Welsh assembly, but no parliament
Guardian Unlimited

Full representation would bring improvements to the Welsh assembly.

March 16th 2005
Assembly proposals to be known in June

At present all the regional list AMs, elected by proportional representation, come from the opposition parties. In most cases, they were defeated by Labour candidates in first-past-the-post contests.

January 3rd 2005
A nervous new year for Rhodri
Western Mail

August 4th 2004
More Power for Assembly Says Hain
BBC News

June 18th 2004
Launch of Lobby for More Powers
The Western Mail

March 31st 2004
ERS Jubilant at Richard Commission Backing for STV
Electoral Reform Society Press Release

Press Release from the Electoral Reform Society (UK) on proposal to use Choice Voting (also called STV) for Welsh Assembly elections.

January 26th 2004
Let Assembly make laws, says minister
The Daily Post

July 17th 2003
Assembly rejects poll changes
The Western Mail

July 7th 2003
Hain opposed to new Assembly powers
PA News

February 12th 2003
Scargill to stand in Welsh elections
The Guardian

February 10th 2003
Ron Davies warns Labour of Plaid victory
The Western Mail

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Northern Ireland
March 8th 2007
Northern Ireland heads back towards power-sharing
Guardian Unlimited

Preliminary results from choice voting elections in Northern Ireland look to have Unionists and nationalists sharing power.

March 8th 2007
First results in Northern Ireland election

Choice voting elections in Northern Ireland show high voter turnout.

November 29th 2003
Hard-liners victorious in Northern Ireland election
New Zealand Herald

BELFAST - Hard-liners on both sides of Northern Ireland's sectarian divide have beaten moderates in province-wide elections, dealing a blow to Anglo-Irish hopes of saving the power-sharing assembly set up under a 1998 peace deal.

November 27th 2003
NI: making sense of the maths
BBC News

November 1st 2003
Q&A: the Northern Ireland elections
The Guardian

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