United Kingdom
February 29th 2004
Hain backs alternative vote for Commons

January 17th 2004
What the proposals involve
Scunthorpe Telegraph

October 15th 2003
Mayoral election vote system prompts fears of confusion
This Is Local London

August 1st 2003
Away with these tribes: Only a complete change in how we elect our leaders will put the trust, and excitement, back into politics
The Guardian

Article analyzes the British government had it been adopted proportional representation.

August 1st 2003
Away with these tribes
The Guardian

July 22nd 2003
Parliamentary reforms: Laws for lawmakers are the crying need
The Daily Star, Bangladesh

June 17th 2003
English regions can vote to copy Scotland
The Herald

June 16th 2003
Regional government around the world

January 6th 2003
Voting change would be fitting legacy, say campaigners
The Guardian

May 25th 2001
Reform 'primitive' voting system
London Times

Letter to the editor by members of the House of Lords advocating the use of proportional representation

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