Proportional Voting Around the World
Around the world, a variety of voting systems are used - from single member districts to choice voting to party list systems (and everything in between) - the nations within our global community display a staggering array of voting systems. In spite of this, one thing is clear -- the modern trend is toward using proportional voting systems, as most industrialized nations and all of the newly emerging democracies in the former Eastern Bloc have done, as well as in Iraq and Afghanistan. Most of the lingering winner-take-all, first-past-the-post systems exist in former British colonies, including in the United States. Ironically, even as we maintain our own unrepresentative electoral system in America, the United Kingdom is beginning vigorous discussions to move away from the very winner-take-all system it brought to our shores many years ago. In light of these global developments, FairVote monitors news coverage of international electoral systems changes.
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May 30th 2005
Normal turnout for the parliamentary elections in Beirut

A candidate in Lebanon is calling for the adoption of full representation.

May 29th 2005
Good words for Israeli electoral system

The article highlights the successes of the Israeli electoral system of full representation.

May 28th 2005
Ashdown backs vote reform campaign
The Independent

The former Liberal Democrat leader adds his support to the movement toward full representation.

May 28th 2005
Women run the country but it doesn't show in pay packets
The New Zealand Herald

Although women are still struggling for equality in New Zealand, their numbers in Parliament jumped to 31 percent in the first election under mixed-member full representation in 1996.

May 27th 2005
P.E.I. to vote on election reform plan
CBC News

Prince Edward Island citizens will vote in the fall on a mixed-member full representation program.

May 27th 2005
Minister appears to show support for poll reform
Financial Times

A Constitutional Affairs minister supports replacing the current first-past-the-post system in Great Britain.

May 26th 2005
STV supporters may take the initiative
The Richmond Review

Given the strong support of the recent choice voting referendum, a new initiative for electoral reform may be advanced if there is not a move toward a more proportional system.

May 26th 2005
Litmus test

Much of the Muslim leadership is arguing for the use of large districts and full representation in the upcoming election.

May 26th 2005
Dear Mr Blair: Come clean over vote reform

Charles Kennedy's letter to Tony Blair about the need for reforming the electoral system.

May 26th 2005
Kennedy accuses PM of failing voters by dodging 'serious debate' on vote reform
The Independent

The Liberal Democrats continue to make the case for full representation.

May 25th 2005
Kennedy attacks 'Herod' Prescott
BBC News

The appointment of Prescott in charge of an electoral reform committee highlights the need for the adoption of a full representation system.

May 24th 2005
BC-STV, what's next for electoral reform?
Robson Valley Times

Another referendum would likely again show that citizens prefer choice voting to the current system.

May 24th 2005
Palestinian electoral politics are confusing, and oddly democratic
Palestine Media Center

Some seats of the Palestinian Parliament are apportioned according to a party's share of the national vote.

May 24th 2005
Tanner bill would stop mid-decade remaps
Roll Call

Representative Tanner's bill would prevent mid-decade redistricting and help increase electoral competition.

May 23rd 2005
Vote-reform supporters vow to continue STV fight
Vancouver Sun

Supporters of choice voting make plans to continue forward with promoting reform.

May 23rd 2005
Virtue found amid the pandemonium
The Chronicle Herald

British Columbia's referendum advances the fight for full representation in Canada.

May 22nd 2005
Hewitt: No Cabinet consensus on electoral reform

Canadian Health Secretary challenges the country's first-past-the-post electoral system.

May 20th 2005
Students go Green and like STV in their own vote
Whistler Question

British Columbia students back choice voting in mock elections.

May 20th 2005
Voting reform group says 50% plus 1 should win
CBC News

Following the British Columbia referendum on choice voting, Prince Edward Island is now also considering such electoral reform.

May 20th 2005
Lessons for Ontario from B.C. on election reform
Toronto Star

Canadian citizens demand full representation voting systems across the country.

May 19th 2005
STV close, but...
Richmond Review

The results of the referendum on choice voting reflect a desire for reforming the electoral system.

May 19th 2005
Referendum result is enough to start process of reform
The Province

Wasted votes and lack of diversity in government show the urgent need for electoral reform in British Columbia.

May 19th 2005
Without change, progressives will fight each other
The Independent

UK needs full representation to cooperatively represent progressive interests.

May 19th 2005
BC Vote Buoys Hopes for Electoral Reform
The Globe and Mail

British Columbia choice voting referendum sets the tone for country wide full representation voting reform.

May 18th 2005
Door open for electoral change: B.C. premier
CBC News

Tuesday's election in British Columbia shows voters want electoral reform.

May 18th 2005
Yes side in proposed electoral system in B.C. want government to implement it

Leaders agree on the need for electoral reform change in British Columbia after a majority of voters voted to adopt choice voting this week.

May 17th 2005
Why the debate on PR is only just beginning
The Independent

Full representation voting systems are a more fair voting system for the UK.

May 17th 2005
Parties team up to call for PR

Protestors demand a switch to full representation to make their votes count.

May 17th 2005
62 per cent of the electorate disagree with Blair on electoral reform
The Independent

Public opinion in the UK overwhelmingly favors adoption of full representation voting system.

May 17th 2005
An intriguing idea for election reform goes to a vote today in British Columbia
San Jose Mercury News

US should follow the example of British Columbia citizens, and consider ways to more fairly represent diverse interests of all voters.

May 16th 2005
B.C. puts election reform to test in provincial ballot
Calgary Herald

Choice voting in British Columbia will bring a stronger democracy by representing voter's true preferances.

May 16th 2005
Blair Pressured to Reform UK Voting System
San Francisco Chronicle

British election strengthens the call for electoral reform and a full representation voting system which makes all voter preferances count.

May 14th 2005
A real democracy needs a system of proportional representation
The Independent

Explains the reasons why full representation is a necessary democratic reform.

May 11th 2005
Kennedy calls on Blair to 'pick up the phone' for talks on fairer voting system
The Independent

British party leaders demand an end to the inequalities of the first-past-the-post elections and demand Prime Minister Blair look into voting reform.

May 11th 2005
Debate rages over British electoral system after �unfair� Blair re-election
Khaleej Times

British election shows the need for full representation voting systems.

May 10th 2005
Electoral reform: Why it's time for change
The Independent

Demands for full representation mount after Tony Blair wins British election with only a fifth of the adult population's vote.

May 10th 2005
No alternatives

British election shows the need for full representation to give voters choice in elections and create diverse representation in government.

May 9th 2005
David Suzuki, Rafe Mair, and Others Back Yes Vote for STV
Canadian Democratic Movement

Celebrities endorse choice voting in British Columbia to create stronger, fairer elections without wasting votes.

May 9th 2005
B.C. considers new voting system
National Post

Rally in British Columbia supports choice voting for a more representative and democratic government.

May 7th 2005
Reform advocates say result �rubs salt in wounds of electorate�
The Herald

Electoral Reform Society argues abandonment of the first-past-the-post system after the British election left many voters under-represented.

May 6th 2005
Electoral 'travesty' favours Labour
Financial Times

A change to full representation voting systems in Britian would increase voter turnout.

May 5th 2005
Conference C'ttee Proposes Constitutional Court

Nigeria Committee on Political Parties and Electoral Process recommends use of full representation voting systems to strengthen society.

May 1st 2005
Need to know
Guardian Unlimited

British citizens overwhelmingly support a change from first-past-the-post to proportional representation voting system.

April 30th 2005
Kennedy rules out entering power-share in Commons

Charles Kennedy, the leader of the Liberal Democrats in Scotland, argues for full representation.

April 30th 2005
The STV: What the Irish have learned
The Vancouver Sun

The success of choice voting in Ireland has installed diversity in government and given higher value of an individual's vote.

April 29th 2005
How to make Nigeria better for all

Proportional representation, instant runoff voting, and direct election of the President advocated to improve democratic participation in Nigeria.

April 28th 2005
Quotas may be a case of too little, too late
The Mercury

Article examines the complications with gender quotas in single-member districts.

April 28th 2005
CHOICE VOTING: U.S. Democracy's New Frontier
San Francisco Sentinel

Choice voting advocated to increase competition, accountability, and representation in San Francisco elections.

April 26th 2005
AGI Online

Italian Deputy PM calls for proportional voting.

April 25th 2005
Hoss: Qada-based elections 'will destroy national unity'
The Daily Star

Former Lebanese Prime Minister argues for proportional representation and larger districts.

April 22nd 2005
Reformers bemoan lack of competition
South London Press

Electoral Reform Society urges the use of proportional representation to make elections fair and more competitive.

April 19th 2005
Battle royal brewing over redistricting
The San Francisco Examiner

Instead of focusing on redistricting reforms, California should adopt a non-winner-take-all voting system to make elections more competitive.

April 16th 2005
Accept the Proposal on Proportional Representatives!
The Hankyoreh

Paper endorses proportional representation, and other reforms advocated by The Political Reform Council, to better reflect country's diverse political opinions.

April 14th 2005
Bulgarians Above 18 Eligible to Vote for European Parliament
Sofia News Agency

Bulgaria will employ proportional representation in European Parliament elections

April 13th 2005
Vote Yes to STV on May 17
Saanich News

Single Transferable Vote endorsed to create fairer, more competitive elections.

April 13th 2005
Australian senator stumps for STV
The Peak

Proportional represenation system endorsed by the Citizen's Assembly on Electoral Reform.

April 11th 2005
Tony Blair Favored in British Elections
San Francisco Chronicle

Single member districts and lack of proportional representation make it difficult for opposition parties in Britain to win seats.

April 11th 2005
Ethiopian opposition vows to change constitution if elected
Sudan Tribune

Coalition for Unity and Democracy embraces using proportional representation voting system.

April 10th 2005
National Guidelines Needed to Ensure Fair House Districts
San Jose Mercury News

FairVote's Rob Richie and John Anderson call for national redistricting standards to prevent the looming state-by-state

April 8th 2005
BOG Election Process Fair, Senators Say
The Daily Tar Heel

Republican members of the North Carolina Senate call for the use of cumulative voting in elections for UNC system leaders.

April 7th 2005
British voting system a source of dissent
The Peninsula

Proportional representation needed to improve general elections.

April 7th 2005
City Council discusses possible adoption of Choice Voting
The California Aggie

City council and task force move closer to adopting choice voting.

April 7th 2005
Jumblatt meets with Karami and reiterates call for elections to be held on time
The Daily Star

New government likely to draw up an electoral law based on larger districts with proportional representation.

April 6th 2005
ELECTED DICTATORS:Canadian style, vs. Uncle Sam's checks and balances
Canada Free Press

Call for proportional representation to make Canada's government for and by the people.

April 5th 2005
Karami: new Lebanese government before end of the week

Lebanese government to consider adopting proportional representation.

April 3rd 2005
Some Thoughts on Where We Are
Z Net

Proportional representation and instant runoff voting needed to improve the representation of third parties.

April 3rd 2005
ZESN Statement 2005 Parliamentary Elections

Call for proportional representation in Zimbabwe.

April 2nd 2005
Groups want voting system changed
Fiji Times Online

Proportional representation endorsed to improve women's representation.

April 1st 2005
Hail to the people power

British Columbia citizens to vote on possible adoption of proportional representation.

March 31st 2005
Women�s forum hosts mayor
Alligator: The Independent Florida

Florida forum advocates for proportional representation to improve women's representation.

March 31st 2005
A Good Proposal that Won't do Much
San Jose Mercury News

Newspaper endorses full representation and IRV to solve California's redistricting woes

March 31st 2005
A plan for better elections
The Charlotte Observer

Instant runoff voting and proportional representation advocated to achieve more competitive elections.

March 29th 2005
Neb. Cities Concerned About Water Policy
Press & Dakotan

Nebraska city councils approve resolutions calling on Gov. Dave Heineman to allow proportional representation for people who live in municipalities. Kimball's City Council

March 25th 2005
Ledge weighs election reform
San Antonio Current

TX bills on IRV, ballot access, paper ballot receipts, and congressional redistricting

March 23rd 2005
Poll proposal that maps out the way forward for wards

STV will replace first-past-the-post system in the 2007 council elections.

March 22nd 2005
Bully boys� lack of courage
Outlook Express

Proportional representation advocated as a means of achieving higher levels of female represenation.

March 22nd 2005
PFLP, DFLP factions to run in Palestinian elections
The Peninsula

Palestinian elections will be run using proportional representation.

March 20th 2005
Election reform bill deserves attention
Toronto Star

Premier Dalton McGuinty has introduced legislation to rejuvenate democratic process.

March 18th 2005
Rethink redistricting reform
The Charlotte Observer

We must use multimember districts and some kind of proportional voting system, such as cumulative voting, to provide competition and representation.

March 16th 2005
Indian minority empowerment through political representation
Milli Gazette

Seeking solutions to underrepresentation of India's minorities and Muslims, commentator M. Ayub Khan weighs proportional voting against drawing some majority-Muslim districts.

March 16th 2005
Afghanistan: The wrong voting system
International Herald Tribune

A different system, proportional representation with open lists within the same provincial constituencies, avoids the problems of closed lists, while preserving some benefits of the single nontransferable vote. It would represent Afghan voters better

March 16th 2005
Assembly proposals to be known in June

At present all the regional list AMs, elected by proportional representation, come from the opposition parties. In most cases, they were defeated by Labour candidates in first-past-the-post contests.

March 15th 2005
Citizen's assembly can lead reform
Progressive Populist

A Citizen's Assembly, not the initiative process, will effectively reform California's political system.

March 14th 2005
Confab: exploring Ajibola�s ism

National Political Reforms Conference advocates for proportional representation system of voting.

March 11th 2005
Labour MSPs battle change in vote system

March 9th 2005
L.E.A.D. presidential candidates make students priority
California Aggie

March 9th 2005
ULD facing big crisis as key member quits
Korea Herald

The minor United Liberal Democrats yesterday suffered the biggest crisis in its 10-year history as South Chungcheong Governor Shim Dae-pyung resigned

March 9th 2005
Poverty Worries Women
The Post

March 8th 2005
PHK calls for total independence of IEC

March 8th 2005
Governance Task Force approves Choice Voting recommendation
California Aggie

Two more public meetings to be held before council reviews report

March 5th 2005
'Refreshing' Greens' Dilemma over Traditional versus Modern Values
The Journal of Turkish Weekly

March 4th 2005
Greens court anti-war vote
Guardian Unlimited

February 26th 2005
Palestinians may be establishing another Mideast democracy
Daily Star Regional

February 24th 2005
Offended by letter
Osceola News Gazette

Response to an earlier anti-cumulative voting letter rebutting claims that cumulative voting is undemocratic and unconstitutional

February 19th 2005
Schwarzenegger vs. Gerrymander
New York Times

Steven Hill explains why Governor Schwarzenegger should consider full representation if he is serious about the need for more competitive elections

February 15th 2005
Allocate lawmakers' seats by percent of vote
Portland Press Herald

our current system of representation were that someone could get elected to office without having won a majority of votes, then instant runoff elections would

February 14th 2005
Iraq seat attribution favours large parties
The Daily Times (Pakistan)

The proportional representation system treating Iraq as one single constituency theoretically favours small parties, but the electoral law has reduced the

February 14th 2005
Which democratic model should we export?
Online Opinion

in cabinets and assemblies. The best way to bring this about is through a system of proportional representation. But alas the presidential

February 14th 2005
Iraqi Shiites Win, but Margin Is Less Than Projection
The New York Times

raqi election results have been tabulated, and seats apportioned. With just under half the vote, Shiite parties can control about 140 seats. Extremely low turnout in some Sunni areas means that Sunni parties will be under-represented in government.

February 14th 2005
War With Israel Effectively Over
The New York Times

President Mahmoud Abbas Interviewed

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