Groups want voting system changed

Published April 2nd 2005 in Fiji Times Online

KEY stakeholders have backed a report calling for the voting system to be changed.

Participants at a consultation on the UNIFEM Pacific report — developing a more facilitating environment for women's political participation in Fiji, endorsed recommendations to review the electoral system and to consider a change to the proportional representation (PR) system.

Representatives from government departments, NGOs, political parties and trade unions discussed and endorsed recommendations for a change in order to promote women's participation in politics.

The report was conducted by Suliana Siwatibau, Ravesi Johnston, Naeemah Khan and Nainasa Whippy.

"The voice of the majority is reflected fairly and the minority is not neglected ," said the report.

The report said proportionality, geographic accountability, inclusiveness and government efficiency needed to be taken into account when designing an electoral system.

"It means the number of party members in Parliament should be proportionate to the number of votes they receive.

"It increases the fair representation of women and minority groups in elected bodies."