Bulgarians Above 18 Eligible to Vote for European Parliament
Published April 14th 2005 in Sofia News Agency
 All Bulgarians above 18 years old, who are not serving a jail sentence, will be eligible to vote in the upcoming elections for European Parliament, after the Cabinet approved the elections bill on Thursday.

Such a voting will probably take place in Bulgaria in 2006. All Bulgarians above 21 are also able to run for a Members of the European Parliament (MEP).

The mandate of the current European Parliament began in 2004 to end 2009. Bulgaria will be represented by 18 MEPs that will be elected through a general vote.

European Parliament elections take place every five years throughout the European Union. Member States are allocated seats within the European Parliament to broadly reflect the size of their national population.

Bulgaria, as all member states, will employ a system of Proportional Representation (PR), which is the general term used to describe a voting system in which the number of parliamentary seats a political party gains broadly corresponds to its overall share of the vote.