Reform: Follini, we agree with premiership
Published July 7th 2003 in Agenzia Giornalistica Italia

"We agree with the choice of said the Christian Democratic Union secretary, Marco Follini, on the chapter of the reforms contained in the majority scrutiny document. "We ourselves had agreed with this choice" and "not with the presidential one".

On the issue of electoral system reform, Follini stated, "In the party there is strong support for the proportional system. But, we cannot make the error made in '93 when we started with the electoral law and then we stopped there".

As for the electoral law, Follini believes that reform must "hold firm on two points: the role of party representation and the power to choose that voters have in the field". "We are working on this issue," he added. Among the reforms, Follini was also asked if there might be the "tatarellum" (a mixed election system where provincial proportional representation and majority regional system). "It's a possibility," said Follini.