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CVD Reports on Congressional Elections and Other Resources

Monopoly Politics 2004 (posted November 8, 2002)

Using results from the November 2002 House races, we are able to make more than 350 projections in the 2004 US House races.  These projections will only change due to the creation of open seats when members retire, die, lose in a primary or get kicked out of office.

Dubious Democracy 2003 (coming December 2002)

An update of our Dubious Democracy report that contains 2002 election results

Mapping our Future: A Public Interest Guide to Redistricting

A state-by-state guide to what governs redistricting in each state, with information on the statutes governing redistricting, litigation in the past decade, any reform efforts and legislation on redistricting and an analysis of the political landscape in each state. Updated regularly.

Youth Essay Contest

The Center conducted a national essay contest with cash prizes on the question of why young people don't vote. We received nearly 9,000 from all 50 states and several foreign countries. We posted the prize-winning essays, along with representatives from all the staets, as well as media coverage, unusual essays and comments from judges.

Previous years' reports

Monopoly Politics 2002

Using a model that had a 99.9% accuracy in projecting House winners from 1996-2000, the Center released over 330 projections for the 2002 House races.  Our projections were 100% accurate, and allow us already to project over 350 winners in our Monopoly Politics 2004 report.

Dubious Democracy 2001

An exhaustive collection of data from each state's congressional elections on competitiveness, voter turnout, partisan shares of the vote and seats, representation of women and minorities and other measures of electoral health from 1982-2000 presented in an attractive, easy-to-read format

Monopoly Politics 2000

A state-by-state, district- by-district list of predictions and projected vote shares, along with information on election results in each congressional district from 1992 to 1998. Check out the accuracy of our predictions.

Other resources

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