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  • Vermont Candidates Strongly Back IRV: The League of Women Voters of Vermont releases candidate survey results revealing strong support for IRV.
  • Nationally Known Secretary of State Recommends IRV: Arkansas Secretary of State Sharon Priest, chair of the Arkansas State Election Improvement Study Commission and former president of the National Association of Secretaries of State, recommends instant runoff voting for judicial elections.
  • Vermont IRV Presentation:  Read about and view the Power Point presentation given by Secretary of State Deborah Markowitz to the National Association of Secretaries of State meeting in Rhode Island on July 28, 2002.
  • Rule by the Non-Majority: Plurality Winners in American Elections:  The Center releases analysis of the frequency of plurality winners (candidates winning with less than 50%) in state and federal elections.October 2000.
  • It's As Easy as 1-2-3: Final Report of the Vermont Commission to Study Instant Runoff Voting. A 38 page report with lots of useful general information, in addition to some analysis that is unique to Vermont's constitution and circumstances.  Also check out pared down version: Itís As Easy as 1-2-3 Lite.
  • Race, gender and runoff elections: The Center's in-depth report on the impact of runoffs on race and gender of candidates and a comparison with instant runoff voting.
  • The London Mayor's Race: a short report on the first IRV electionfor mayor of London and media coverage of the race by the Center's staff. May, 2000.
  • Citizens' Guide to Voting Equipment discusses the advantages and disadvantages of voting technologies including compatibility with ranked ballot voting systems such as IRV and choice voting.
  • Post-Mortem on a successful campaign to allow IRV in county elections.
  • Report on Louisiana two-round runoff system tht some propose as a response to Supreme Court decision invalidating blanket primaries in California, Washington and Alaska
  • The End of Majority Rule? Prospects for the 1996 Presidential Elections.  November 6, 1995.


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