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Instant runoff voting has been featured in numerous commentaries and news articles in recent years. A Collection Of Quotes was gathered in 2001. Our main media coverage  page has extended coverage of full representation systems in news from across the country.

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  • Washington Times: "Inside Politics: Front-runner Dean" Details of Hotline's ranked poll on the runoff election for DNC Chair. January 17, 2005.
  • Green Pages: "IRV advances." Howard Ditkoff summarizes IRV wins for the Green Party's national publication. December 2004.
  • Independent Progressive Politics Network: "Instant runoff voting makes November 2." The Ferndale, MI ballot initiative's lead organizer, Howard Ditkoff, discusses national IRV victories. December 2004.
  • Vermont Public Radio: "Runoff voting." Cites opportunity and reasons for IRV in Vermont. December 13, 2004.
  • Oshkosh Northwestern: "Two-party system spoils real choice in elections." November 7, 2004.
  • Detroit Free Press: "A to-do list for the day after Nov. 2." Demand for IRV to correct the spoiler problem. October 20, 2004.
  • Macon Telegraph: "The dismal runoff showing". Argues that IRV should be used in primary elections to eliminate costly and low-turnout runoffs. August 4, 2004
  • Seattle Post-Intelligencer: "OK, how about no primary? Lawyer pushes instant runoff election."  July 26, 2004.
  • Syndicated Column: "Are Political Conventions Necessary?" Former Vermont governor Howard Dean advocates IRV in presidential primaries. July 26, 2004
  • Times News Network: "How to grab power without a majority".  Commentary on elections in India, March 10, 2004.
  • The Guardian (UK): "Nader is a wrecker, but he is right about public malaise." Argues that despite opprobrium, Nader's candidacy responds to public sentiment. February 25, 2004.
  • Common Dreams: "It's the Electoral System, Stupid!" February 23, 2004.
  • The New Yorker (NY): "Uncrazy California." Commentary by Hendrik Hertzberg advocates IRV in the wake of the California recall. November 17, 2003.
  • San Francisco Examiner (CA): "IRV saves." November 4, 2003.
  • Los Angeles Daily News  (CA):  "Instant runoffs only real solution." Al Sheahan endorses IRV as the means to make every vote count. October 20, 2003
  • Salt Lake Tribune (UT):  "Ranked-choice ballots would benefit voters."  Commentary by J. Robert Latham advocating the use of IRV in Utah elections.  October 5, 2003.
  • Berkshire Eagle (MA): "IRV can reform voting." Pro-IRV commentary by Peter Vickery, President of Fairvote Massachusetts. September 7, 2003
  • San Francisco Chronicle: "Fufill the will of voters." Op-ed piece that unravels the minority-discriminating motivation for opposition to the new election system. June 13, 2003.
  • Utne Reader: "Making every vote count." Commentary by Leif Utne praises efforts advancing instant runoff voting. May 2003.
  • St. Albans Messanger (VT): "How Your Vote Could Count." Commentary by Vermont Secretary of State Deborah Markowitz champions instant runoff voting in Vermont. February 17, 2003.
  • Christian Science Monitor:  "Fuller, Fairer Elections? How? The 'instant runoff' promotes majority rule, voter turnout," By Robert Richie. December 10, 2002.
  • Anchorage Daily News   (AK): "Ballot Measure 1 restores choice." August 14, 2002
  • Metro West Daily News  (MA): "Rader: Support for instant run-off voting." July 23, 2002
  • Portland Press Herald  (ME): "Instant runoff elections would guarantee majority votes." July 5, 2002
  • Future Hope Column "Democrats for IRV?" June 4, 2002
  • The Nation "Let's Go IRV!" Jim Hightower reports on the successes and promises of IRV. May 10, 2002
  • The Political Standard Commentary by Robert Richie and Steven Hill discuss instant runoff voting for t he Alliance for Better Campaigns. May 2002
  • Atlanta Journal-Constitution  "Save time, money with instant runoffs." April 11, 2002
  • Washington Post "How the Majority Can Rule." March 19, 2002
  • San Francisco Chronicle  "Instant-runoff could lure more voters." February 22, 2002
  • San Francisco Chronicle  "Vote once and determine the winners instantly." Two members of San Francisco's Board of Supervisors discuss why San Franciscans should support IRV for city elections. November 2001.
  • Three commentaries by the Center's Caleb Kleppner: Avoid Costly Runoff Elections, The Instant Runoff, andA Better Way to Run A Runoff.
  • Commentaries on IRV in Roll Call, The Nation, New York Times, Washington Post, TomPaine.Com, the Detroit Free Press and the Colorado Daily. October 3, 2000.
  • Media Coverage of IRV in New York Times, Washington Post, and Trenton Times.
  • Washington Post CVD Vice-President Matthew Cossolotto touts instant runoff voting for presidential elections. July 2000.
  • San Francisco Chronicle "Let's Try Instant Runoffs." By two members of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, Michael Yaki and Mark Leno. January 15, 2000.
  • The Columbian "Instant Runoff Is One Reform That Works," by John B. Anderson and John Gear, October 6, 1999.
  • Resolving Buchanan's Dilemma By Rob Richie and Caleb Kleppner, October 1, 1999.
  • Washington Post "IRV and County Council Vacancies in Maryland," Eric C. Olson, July 18, 1999.
  • Boston Globe "A Fairer System for Voters." Advocates for use of instant runoff voting in Congressional primaries in Massachusetts. September 1, 1998.   


  • Steamboat Pilot:  "Our View:  Primary runoff system needed."  Argues that instant runoff voting offers a better representation of the people's wishes.  August 15, 2004.
  • Daily Californian: "Preferential Voting Offers More Choice to Voters." Berkeley votes on IRV on March 2, with support from local newspaper  and the local League of Women Voters. February 24, 2004.
  • Palm Beach Post: "Preserve voters' choice." Leading Florida paper says adopting IRV would be cause for celebration. June 11, 2003.
  • San Francisco Bay Guardian (CA): "Making IRV reality." Editorial encourages prompt implementation of instant runoff voting in San Francisco. April 16, 2003. 
  • Vancouver Columbian (WA): "In Our View: A Better Ballot?" Editorial encourages Washington state lawmakers to give municipalities in Washington the flexibility of considering instant runoff voting. March 22, 2003.
  • St. Petersburg Times  (FL): "The case for runoffs: Many of Florida's most revered public officials were elected in runoffs, which some shortsighted lawmakers want to do away with altogether." December 18, 2002
  • Brookline TAB: (MA) "Electoral Yawns."  Article calling for instant runoff voting.  September 26, 2002.
  • IRV Clips A wide variety of quotes from newspapers and journals across the country. January 2001.

News Articles

  • Saskatoon StarPhoenix: "Wheat Board announces election results." Canadian board uses IRV for mail-in election. December 30, 2005.
  • News release: "IRV wins approval: Only 13% in San Francisco want to return to runoffs." San Francisco Board of Supervisors President Matt Gonzalez' take on voter approval. December 14, 2004.
  • SFSU analysis: David Grenell breaks down exit poll information provided by San Francisco State University professors and students. December 13, 2004.
  • Santa Monica Mirror: "Wilmont Opts for Instant Runoff Voting." Neighborhood in Santa Monica adopts IRV to elect its officers. August 19, 2004.
  • Portland Press Herald: "Let's be sure winners always get more than half the vote." Article advocates the use of IRV in U.S. elections. August 13, 2004.
  • Australian Journal of Political Science: (available in PDF format) "The Global Spread of Preferential Voting." Australian political scientist Benjamin Reilly highlights the global spread of IRV. August 11, 2004. 
  • Associated Press: "Edwards comes in first in Independence Party caucus vote." Minnesota Independence Party, under which Jesse Ventura served as governor, used IRV in its party caucuses this month, electing John Edwards in a close vote. March 9, 2004.
  • Daily Herald: (IL) "Poll shows support for 'instant runoff'." Working with the Midwest Democracy Center and Roosevelt University, CVD commissioned a telephone poll in Illinois on its upcoming primary elections and on instant runoff voting. February 27, 2004.
  • Modesto Bee (CA): "Instant Runoff Worth Closer Look." Letter to editor by local League of Women Voters president in Modesto, CA. December 3, 2003.
  • Alameda Times-Star (CA):  "Reform in the works for runoffs:  Council directing two measures to be readied for voters to consider on the March ballot."  Despite public support, IRV put on hold in Berkeley City Council, possibly to be reconsidered next November.
  • San Francisco Chronicle: "The Promise of Instant Runoff Voting." August 19, 2003
  • Hampshire Gazette (MA): "Are elections just a game of chance?" Plug for IRV in Massachusetts and California. August 16, 2003
  • Win for Fair Elections at UC San Diego: The UC San Diego Associated Students has announced that it will Adopt IRV for upcoming AS elections.
  • The Washington state House of Representatives has passed a bill allowing certain local municipalities to use instant runoff voting. The story is followed by the Vancouver Columbian (March 14, 2003), the Oregonian (March 14, 2003), and Tacoma News Tribune (February 25, 2003). 
  • San Francisco Chronicle : (CA) "Instant Runoff Voting System Defended in San Francisco." Coverage of rally by leading politicans supporting instant runoff voting in San Francisco, including this recent recent newspaper article about leading politicians supporting fair and effective implementation. March 20, 2003.
  • London Telegraph : "Patten's delight as he wins race to be Oxford's new chancellor."  The University of Oxford recently elected Chris Patten Lord Chancellor using instant runoff voting. March 18, 2003.
  • Tallahasee Democrat: "Why Congress and the American People Disagree." Commentary by Steven Hill and Rob Richie focuses on the impact of winner-take-all elections on policy making. March 16, 2003.
  • Hampshire Gazette : (MA) "Reforms are still wanted." Massachusetts activists continue to press for election reforms, including instant runoff voting.  March 11, 2003.
  • Montpellier Times Argus : (VT) "Instant runoff backers differ from Sorrell." Leading Vermont analysts argue instant runoff voting can be implemented by statute. February 28, 2003.
  • Tacoma News Tribune : (WA) "'Instant runoff' idea proposed again." Two members of the Washington State Legislature revive instant runoff voting in a new round of debate on runoff elections. February 25, 2003.
  • Portsmouth Herald : (NH) "Reformers Urge New Method for Voting." Article discusses effort in Maine to adopt instant runoff voting. February 24, 2003. 
  • Portland Press Herald (ME): "Support grows for switch to run-off voting." February 19, 2003.
  • Florida News Service "Primary runoffs could make a comeback." News article highlights rising interest in option of
    instant runoff voting. February 16, 2003.
  • New York Times (NY) "As Districts Are Redrawn, Wary Neighbors See Odd Bedfellows." January 26, 2003.
  • Arizona Republic  (AR) "Measure would let troops get early ballots overseas." January 23, 2003
  • Scott County Virginia Star: (VA) "Legislator's Proposal: Vote for a first choice, and a second."  January 29, 2003
  • New Jersey Star-Ledger (NJ): "Court orders redrawing of election map." January 22, 2003. 
  • Associated Press: (VT) "Groups still calling for instant runoff." December 17, 2002
  • Duluth News Tribune: (MN) "Duluth voters might elect next mayor in a new way." December 17, 2002
  • The Olympian  "New voting method gains popularity." June 16, 2002
  • Anchorage Daily News: "Instant runoff: Alaska voters to decide change in electoral system." June 5, 2002
  • Time: "Making Second-Place Votes Count." April 15, 2002
  • The Diamondback (MD): "SGA passes bill to eliminate repeat of last year's marathon elections." April 8, 2002
  • "IRV Makes Gains Nationwide After Strong March Performance." April 5, 2002
  • New York Times : "As Easy as 1, 2, 3? San Franciscans Will Rank Candidates for 'Instant Runoffs.'" March 19, 2002
  • Los Angeles Times : "San Francisco to Drop Local Runoff Elections Ballots." March 14, 2002
  • Trenton Times  (NJ): "Voting system expert backs 'instant runoff.'" March 14, 2002
  • Cincinnati Post : Article briefly discusses mathematical failings of plurality voting and outlines alternative systems, including instant runoff voting. December 6, 2000.
  • San Francisco Chronicle "San Francisco Supervisor Proposes Instant Runoff Elections" and San Francisco Examiner "Ammiano proposes instant run-off ballot, " October 13, 1999.

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