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 State Full Representation Advocacy Groups


Instant Runoff Advocacy Groups

  • California:  California Instant Runoff Voting Coalition.  An action-oriented site that is campaigning for more of the successful local ballot measures in California (like Oakland, Santa Clara County and San Leandro County) as well as state legislation.
  • Florida: Citizens for Instant Runoff in Florida a statewide group working in Florida to establish majority winners for election through the implementation of IRV.
  • Washington State:  IRV initiative campaign in Washington A statewide group working in Washington to implement majority rule. In 1999, reformers backed a sucessful initative on IRV in Vancouver, Washington .
  • Utah: Fairvote Utah.  A coalition promoting instant runoff voting for public election at local, state and federal levels in Utah; in political conventions; and in schools, companies and private organizations.
  • Massachusetts:  Fair Vote Massachusetts is working for instant runoff voting and full representation in Massachusetts. Mass IRV focuses on instant runoff voting in the state.  Mass Vote has a broad pro-democracy agenda that includes full representation and IRV.  MassIRV is a non-partisan coalition of Massachusetts citizens for Instant Runoff Voting. They also have a listserv which you can join.
  • Michigan: F-IRV: Ferndale Residents for Instant Runoff Voting. Coalition of Ferndale, Michigan residents advocating intant runoff voting.
  • New York:  NYS-IRV :  Citizens for Instant Runoff Voting in New York State. NYS-IRV disperses information in support of adopting IRV for all New York State primaries and local elections.
  • The Independent Progressive Politics Network  promotes full representation, instant runoff voting and other reforms.
  • InstantRunoff.com  A web-based resource for instant runoff voting advocates around the country. You can find news of IRV activity in each state here. The site offers free email forwarding for @instantrunoff.com addresses -- just request a name with a short note in an email. It is a project of the Midwest Democracy Center
  • Americans for Real Majorities This is a feisty group that is calling on the CBS network to use a better voting system for their reality TV show "Survivor." They were hoping that when the show moved to Australia for the sequel, they would have left the primitive plurality voting system back on the island and picked up the Australian system of instant runoff voting.
  • National Association of State PIRGs  These aggressive state-based reform organizations launched this website to spread the message on the need for majority rule and an end to wasted votes. It's called VotersDecide.com.
  • A 'spoiler-proof' alternative to plurality voting   This is one of the best animated descriptions of instant runoff voting on the web. Requires Flash to see it, but this one is worth checking out.
  • Reclaim Democracy.org is dedicated to reforming elections, and advocates IRV voting as a key part of its efforts.


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