Should Students Be Interested In Proportional Voting?

Answering yes or no to the brief questions below will help students determine if proportional voting addresses their concerns about American democracy and how to improve elections.

A Short Political Quiz

1)      Are you tired of political campaigns where candidates mudsling each other and neglect the discussion of important issues?

2)      Women currently make up only about 13% of Congress.  Do you want to see more women elected to office?

3)      Would you like to see more political parties emerge besides the Democratic and Republican parties?

4)      Do you think we need an election system that gives fair representation to both whites and racial minorities?

5)      Are you upset by how politicians gerrymander districts in order to secure their own re-election?

6)      How have you ever thought about voting for a third party candidate, a woman, or a minority, but then decided not to do so because you felt you’d be wasting your vote?

7)      Do you think the low voter turnout in American elections is a problem?

8)      Do you believe that our legislatures should represent all the varities of political opinion in the electorate, not just those of the majority?

9)      Have you felt like not voting in an election because no candidates really represented your political views?

10)  Is voting frustrating because your preferred candidate does not get elected?

If you are answered yes to any of the above questions, you should learn more about proportional voting.  Proportional voting effectively solves these problems and helps create fairer, more democratic elections in America.