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IRV in Vermont

A broad grass-roots campaign to adopt instant runoff voting has made tremendous headway in Vermont.  CVD has compiled this list of organizations in Vermont that have endorsed instant runoff voting and of links to the pertaining statement of support :

In 2002, over fifty Vermont towns have passed advisory referendum urging the adoption of IRV. Vermont media coverage of the increased interest in IRV has also been extensive.


Many elected leaders support instant runoff voting including Secretary of State Deborah Markowitz, who made a Powerpoint presentation on IRV to the National Association of Secretaries of State, and former governor and presidential candidate Howard Dean. A study by the League of Women Voters in October 2002 also reveals that many Vermont politicians hope the state will adopt IRV for state legislature and state senate. 


Legislation has been introduced to adopt instant runoff voting in every session of the Vermont legislature since 1998.  The identical House and Senate bills for 2003-2004 are H.82 and S.22, or you can read a summary of the bill.  Bill sponsors have included members of all three major parties in Vermont.


A major watershed was the 1999 report of the Vermont Commission to Study Preference Voting.  This report sponsored by the Vermont House, unanimously recommended adoption of IRV for all statewide elections.

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