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Vermonters Endorse Instant Runoff Voting for Statewide Offices

March 5, 2002

In March 2002 -- mostly on Vermont town meeting day, March 5 --voters in 52 out of 55 towns voted to endorse a League of Women Voters proposal to use instant runoff voting for statewide elections.  Backers of the instant runoff voting question included Governor Howard Dean, Secretary of State Deborah Markowitz, former New York Times columnist Tom Wicker (who addressed his local town meeting) and the Grange, while the most recent Republican candidate for governor, Ruth Dwyer, was a sponsor of instant runoff legislation when she served in the Vermont House. Below you will find links to details about the town hall meeting votes as well as related articles and editorials.

Town Meeting Instant Runoff Voting Advisory Question Results

Associated Press: "Secretary of State lends support to instant runoff elections."

Rutland Herald: "Instant Solution." March 10, 2002

The Caledonian-Record: "'Yes' to Instant Runoff Voting." March 11, 2002

Burlington Free Press: "Democratic Runoff." March 13, 2002

Burlington Free Press: "Time has come for IRV reform." March 17, 2002

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