Voters approve Measure L

By E. Ashley Wright
Published November 14th 2006 in The California Aggie

The Nov. 7 election resulted in a number of successful ballot initiatives within the city of Davis, including Measure L, the choice voting advisory measure.

The initiative, approved for the ballot at the Davis City Council's July 11 meeting, was meant to advise the council of residents' sentiments toward transitioning into a choice voting system for future City Council elections.

Although the measure is not binding, the council will now consider a possible transition to the system, currently used in cities and countries worldwide, as well as in UC Davis ASUCD elections.

Choice voting asks that voters rate candidates based on preference; if a preferred candidate does not win, the votes for that candidate will be transferred to the voter's next choice.

Proponents argue that the system provides options for voters and enables those who are often left misrepresented in a plurality voting system, while opponents posit that voters might be confused with the ballot.

Any decision regarding a change to a choice voting system for City Council elections will be forwarded to Davis voters for approval in 2008.