Arms Management and Proclamation of Interim Constitution by Nov. 21
Nepal dissents from two decisions
Published November 8th 2006 in The Rising Nepal

KATHMANDU, Nov. 7: CPN(UML) General Secretary Madhav Kumar Nepal wrote a note of dissent on two major decisions reached today by the Seven Party Alliance and the CPN-Maoists after the historic summit talks.

Contrary to the decision of the historic peace talks to determine the fate of monarchy by the Constituent Assembly and the use of a mixed system for voting in the CA elections, the party maintained its stance that the fate of monarchy must be decided through a referendum and the proportional system should be preferred for the elections.

"This is our stance because we believe that all parties have the right to voice their concern and views in a democratic set up,"Nepal said.

He, however, said that all parties need to move ahead by upholding the spirit of the historic agreement reached today.

Nepal said the differing opinions on some of the issues could always be dealt with later. "The major issue to focus on is peace, the unity of the political parties has not been affected by UML's decision on the two issues,"he said.