Lok Satta launches 'Voteindia'
Published January 27th 2006 in webindia123.com

'Voteindia', a non-partisan people's movement comprising individuals and civil society organisations across the country, was launched here under the aegis of Lok Satta Convenor Jayaprakash Narayan.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Narayan said 'VoteIndia's' main objective was to make citizens realise the need for systematic reforms and bring about a significant improvement in the existing political system by overcoming the crisis in governance.

He said 'VoteIndia' intends to change the present First-Past-the-Post(FPTP) system to a mixed system of Proportional Representation (PR), while retaining the positive elements of the current constituency-based FPTP system, to ensure fairer representation and better choice of candidates, and prevent fragmentation of the existing polity along caste and communal lines.

''At the state level, direct election of the heads of government by the people should be made possible, so that the government would be accountable to the people, it will not be under pressure from MLAs for survival and can have in-built checks to prevent abuse of office'', he said.

Referring to the present situation, Dr Narayan said in India the political process itself has trapped politicians in a vicious cycle of money-and-muscle power, corruption, divisive politics and abuse of office for survival.

He said VoteIndia campaign is about collective assertion of citizen for changing the nature of country's democracy.

In the initial phase, the campaign would be rooted in eleven cities and surrounding states and thereafter be expanded across the country, he added.