Scottish Greens sowing the seeds for 2007 elections

Published October 1st 2005 in
SCOTTISH Greens were this weekend beginning preparations for the next council elections which they believe will see them win seats across the country.

The 2007 elections will for the first time be fought under a system of proportional representation.

And potential Green candidates are being offered advice and training from Green councillors in England and Ireland.

Mark Sydenham, co-convener of Edinburgh Green Party, said: "Green parties abroad have a great deal of experience of fighting local elections, where they do really well. We will be capitalising on this experience to make sure there are Green Party councillors on the next city council.

"We will be contesting all the city's new multi-member wards come 2007, and based on our results in this year's General Election and the result of the congestion charge referendum, fully expect to see Green councillors elected."

Lothians Green MSP Robin Harper added: "The new fairer voting system for local councils means that we will see Green councillors joining Green MSPs to work for less waste and pollution and fair shares for all."