FairVote’s Election Services Group can provide comprehensive, tailored solutions to your electoral needs. We consult on, design, and administer elections for corporations, political parties and NGOs.

The Election Services Group

We perform your elections.

Since 1992, FairVote has been dedicated to fair elections where every vote counts and all voters are represented. As a catalyst for reform, we conduct research, analysis, education and advocacy to build understanding of and support for more democratic voting systems. Through our IRV America Program, we advocate instant runoff voting (IRV) as an alternative to plurality elections and traditional runoff elections. Our Election Services Group (ESG) also consults on electoral systems and implementation, with a focus on non-governmental elections.

We provide full service consulting on all aspects of elections.  We have worked with organizations that include large companies, small non-profit organizations and political parties. We are experts in all aspects of elections, including voting equipment, hardware, software, and procedures. We can help you figure out the election solution that is right for you.


  • Simple Online, Electronic or by Mail IRV Vote: FairVote’s Election Services Group has highlighted three options for implementing this method of IRV, as well as the services and assistance that we are able to provide.
  • Full Service Corporate Elections
  • General consulting on electoral design:  Our consultants will work with you to clarify the goals of your election, select an appropriate electoral system.
  • Elections training:  Our consultants will work with you to choose balloting technologies that are right for you and design any necessary voter education materials.
  • Referrals to technology providers:  We are knowledgeable about election technologies, including mail voting, phone voting, Internet voting and hybrid systems, and we can provide referrals and recommendations about vendors.
  • Total solutions:  We can assemble the necessary team to conduct all aspects of an election at any scale.  Once you settle on the necessary parameters -- election design, voter list, balloting technology and budget -- we will conduct the entire election from start to finish, from voter education to certified election results.


ESG has had a wide clientele, including corporations, political parties, and NGOs. Our staff members have played key roles in providing technical assistance with IRV implementation in San Francisco, CA; Ferndale, MI; Burlington, VT; Berkeley, CA and many other jurisdictions.


Download a sample voting system education presentation we created for a client [PowerPoint .ppt - 149 KB]

For a list of clients or to discuss a project, please contact Program Director Amy Ngai at 301-270-4616 or amyn(at)fairvote.org.