Indiana Redistricting 2000

Indiana’s Political Lineup







State Senate

26R, 24D

32R, 18D

State House

52D, 48R

53D, 47R

US Senators


1D, 1R

US Reps

8D, 2R

6R, 4D


Redistricting Deadline

The statutory deadline is April 29, 2001 for both congressional and legislative redistricting, which is the end of the General Assembly’s regular session. A five-member Redistricting Commission will adopt an interim congressional plan if the deadline is not met. The commission consists of the speaker, the president of the senate, the chairpersons of the committees responsible for redistricting in both houses, and a gubernatorial appointee. If the state legislative district plan does not make deadline, the governor may call a special session of the legislature.

Who’s in Charge of Redistricting?

The legislature has the responsibility for all redistricting. The Senate Committee on Elections and the House Committee on Elections and Reapportionment have jurisdiction. The Governor has veto power over both congressional and legislative plans.

Districting Principles



State Legis.




Political sub.


District cores


VRA § 5

+ = required                -- = prohibited       a = allowed

Public Access

Town hall style meetings are held throughout the state. Also, the state data center will have computer workstations available for the public to create their own proposed plans.

Political Landscape

In 1991, control of redistricting was split between the major parties, and district lines were changed only marginally. At the beginning of the 1990s, Democrats held eight of Indiana’s ten House seats. Currently, Democrats hold four House seats. The redistricting process will likely be contentious with a small Democratic majority in the State House and a Democratic Governor. Making it more difficult is the fact that Indiana has lost one of its seats.

Contact Information

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Irregularly Shaped District
District 2

Irregularly Shaped District
District 6

· East Central—Muncie; Richmond; Columbus

· mix of farm and suburbs

· Republican, with a Democratic past

· large Quaker community

· 95% white; 4% black; 1% Hispanic

· 98% white; 1% black; 1% Asian; 1% Hispanic

· the wealthiest district in Indiana; includes suburban Indianapolis