Texas Redistricting
FairVote has collected news reports and legal opinions relating to the Texas 2003 Redistricting plan

Read the opinions of the Federal Court on the redistricting plan.

News Articles on Texas Redistricting
February 15th 2007
Real Democracy Or Dystopia

New America's Steven Hill highlights America's crossroads: a diminishing role for voters in dumbed down elections or real democracy characterized by diverse legislatures, fair media and a directly elected president.

November 1st 2006
Lines of demarcation
Dallas-Fort Worth Star-Telegram

FairVote research cited in this commentary on lopsided redistricting, uncompetitive districts and the party primary battles they inspire.

July 21st 2006
GOP Redistricting
The Austin Chronicle

FairVote executive director Rob Richie is quoted on proportional voting as the solution to the problem of gerrymandering in Texas.

July 18th 2006
Redistricting Reformers Renew Push
Roll Call

FairVote Chair John Anderson along with other congressional allies make strong call for Congress to consider representative John Tanner's (D) Fairness and Independence in Redistricting Act (H.R. 2642).

August 29th 2004
Redistricting Carves out a Tight Race
Houston Chronicle

August 3rd 2004
Attorney Confident High Court Will Hear Redistricting Case
Longview News-Journal

Article on possible Supreme Court Challenge to Texas mid decade redistricting.

May 4th 2004
Winner Takes All

FairVote's Steven Hill and Rob Richie argue that until voters fight against redistricting, the problem will continue to exist.

March 7th 2004
Heated congressional contests take center stage in primaries

Article on Texas primaries in the wake of mid decade redistricting.

March 3rd 2004
Redistricting fight influences District 95 race

Article on the impact of redistricting on Texas congressional race.

January 23rd 2004
Redistricting in Texas Disadvantages Minorities
Howard University Hilltop

Editorial claiming Texas mid decade partisan redistricting is bad for communities of color.

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