Employment Opportunities at FairVote

Job Announcement for Two Immediate Openings

Development Associate at FairVote - The Center for Voting and Democracy

FairVote, the leading voting system reform organization in the nation, seeks an experienced, hard-working staffer to work closely with executive director Rob Richie and other FairVote staffers to increase financial support for FairVote programs, communicate regularly with Board members and support targeted projects. This staffer will shape this new position at FairVote, helping to develop new development initiatives and gaining invaluable experience for future non-profit employment.

Founded in 1992, FairVote (formerly The Center for Voting and Democracy, www.fairvote.org) is a national, non-partisan organization that studies elections and advocates reforms to provide equal voting power and competitive choices. Achieving our goals rests upon a constitutionally protected right to vote, direct election of the president, instant runoff voting for executive elections and proportional voting for legislative elections. As a reform catalyst, we develop and promote innovative proposals to improve elections for local, state and national leaders. With a lively work environment for staff, interns and volunteers, every day brings new challenges and opportunities as we seek to achieve what we believe democracy eventually will be in the United States.

Responsibilities of Development Associate

• Research foundations for prospective support for FairVote’s programs
• Research current and prospective donors and their potential giving
• Assist with strategies to increase donations, including on-line tools and a spring donor drive
• Assist with grant-writing, including reworking proposals for different foundations
• Ensure staff meets all deadlines for grants and grant reports
• Coordinate and arrange meetings of staff and board members with donors, prospective donors and foundation representatives
• Supervise interns on development work
• Manage FairVote’s membership database
• Provide monthly insider reports about FairVote to board members and key donors and volunteers

Desired Qualifications and Experience

• Strong communication skills, both written and oral
• Computer fluency, preferably with graphic design skills
• Strong organizational skills
• Support for FairVote’s electoral reform agenda
• Experience with development a strong plus.
• Women and people of color urged to apply.

Salary: $25,000 - $30,000, based on experience, w/ health care

Application Deadline: The position is now available and should be filled by January 9, 2006. Please email your application by December 27; earlier is better. Email your cover letter, resume, references and writing sample to Rob Richie at rr(AT)fairvote.org. If unable to apply by email, fax application to 301-270-4133 or mail to 6930 Carroll Ave., #610, Takoma Park, MD 20912.

Instant Runoff Voting Program Associate

FairVote-The Center for Voting and Democracy is currently seeking a full time Program Associate to advocate for instant runoff voting through our IRV America Program. The position is highly substantive, with a broad array of responsibilities, including maintaining contact with activists in the field, conducting outreach designed to reform college campus elections, researching how to get IRV on the ballot in target jurisdictions, drafting public education materials for IRV, researching plurality and runoff election results, and many other tasks.

FairVote Associates are typically recent college graduates looking to gain substantive experience in an exciting nonprofit environment, and given the diverse tasks the position involves, it should provide extremely marketable skills for future job seekers. Employment will be for a several-month contract, and starting pay is a stipend of $1,200/month plus a health care reimbursement -- with increases at the discretion of the director.

To apply, please send ASAP (by email, fax, or hard copy) a cover letter, resume, writing sample (no more than five pages), and list of references to:

Email: hr(AT)fairvote.org

Hard Copy:

FairVote-The Center for Voting and Democracy
ATTN: Human Resources
6930 Carroll Avenue, Suite 610
Takoma Park, MD 20912
Fax: (301) 270-4133

Ideally, the position would begin ASAP. Please no calls.