June 1st 2004
Electoral Reform:
CBC News Online

An analysis of why Canada is exploring adopting a choice voting system for their national elections. The article also highlights how this new system would work, as well as its impacts on various provinces in Canada.

May 24th 2004
Voter satisfaction dropping, poll says
The Globe and Mail (Canada)

May 23rd 2004
Kamloops slated for citizens' assembly
This Week (BC, Canada)

May 22nd 2004
More than tokens
Toronto Star

March 31st 2004
"Make this the last unfair election"
Fair Vote Canada

March 3rd 2004
Electoral system blamed for fewer female politicians
Canadian Broadcasting Company, New Brunswick

February 17th 2004
Jack Layton: bringing energy and new hope
Rabble News

February 8th 2004
Canadian Briefs -- Nova Scotia Premier supports electing senators for vacant positions
The Miami Herald

February 2nd 2004
Panel to recommend proportional voting
The Globe and Mail

January 22nd 2004
Pro-democracy vs pro-China in Legco polls
The Straits Times

January 2nd 2004
PR would have saved the PCs
The Globe and Mail

November 24th 2003
McGuinty likes citizens assembly initiative, B.C. premier says
Toronto Star

July 11th 2003
Liberals want to change the way Quebec votes
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

July 3rd 2003
The Unjust Society
Elm Street Magazine

June 16th 2003
Regional government around the world

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