Liberals want to change the way Quebec votes
Published July 11th 2003 in Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

MONTREAL - The next time Quebecers choose a government, it might happen a bit differently.

'Let's look at it as every citizen in Quebec having their vote count'

The Liberal government has announced it will introduce a measure of proportional representation for the next provincial election.

It says it will correct some distortions built into the current system.

Liberal MNA Jacques Dupuis will pilot the changes as junior minister for the reform of democratic institutions.

Last April 14, each MNA was voted to Quebec's National Assembly riding by riding. Dupuis says with what the Liberals are proposing, at the next general election, the popular vote would count, too.

"Our sole goal, is to [ensure] that as many tendencies as possible in the society are represented," Dupuis says.

Could change outcome

Proportional representation would have been a good thing for the Action Démocratique du Québec party.

The ADQ won more than 18 per cent of the popular vote during the last provincial election. However, the party only got three per cent of the seats in the National Assembly because their support was not concentrated enough to win more ridings.

Dupuis says the new system will be more fair for everyone.

"Let's look at it as every citizen in Quebec having their vote count," Dupuis says.

He won't say yet how much weight the popular vote will carry.

The Liberals plan to consult the other parties before they table their bill sometime next spring.