November 24th 2004
No small wins in supersizing
Calgary Sun

November 17th 2004
One, two, three - get ready for B.C.'s new way of voting
Victoria News

November 15th 2004
Ottawa may open debate on electoral reforms
The Globe and Mail

September 14th 2004
Assembly opinions devastating for B.C.'s electoral system
The Vancouver Sun

September 8th 2004
Democracy commission to release report

August 4th 2004
Try it in Alberta
The Globe and Mail

July 22nd 2004
Legco IPO Today
The Standard

July 10th 2004
Making It Count
The Toronto Star

July 9th 2004
5 Provinces Consider Voting Changes
The Globe and Mail

June 30th 2004
Editorial: NDP to Play Key Role
Toronto Star

June 30th 2004
Putting a New Face on Voting
Toronto Star

If Canada would have used proportional voting in their recent elections, the makeup of the new House of Commons would have been different, though still divided.

June 29th 2004
Three Parties Squeezed in First-Past-the-Post System Have Chance to Change It

June 29th 2004
NDP's Layton Ready to Play Central Role
Montreal Gazette

June 24th 2004
Proportional Representation Aids Democracy Proportional Representation Aids Democracy
The Globe and Mail

June 10th 2004
'Proportional' Voting Favoured, Opposed
Whistler Question

Whistler Canada considering replacing current electoral system with PR.

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