April 24th 2003
First-past-the-post voting system produces 4th phony majority government in a row
Fair Vote Canada

Press release from FairVote Canada on Quebec elections

April 1st 2003
Is proportional representation really on the agenda?
CBC News Online

March 7th 2003
Female, seeking public office? Better try Sweden
The Toronto Globe

A Canadian paper reports that women in the developing world are better represented than women in Canada and other Western democracies who do not use proportional representation.

February 7th 2003
Handicapping the Tories
Halifax Daily News

February 5th 2003
Nystrom and Proctor get nod for critic posts

January 26th 2003
Layton vows to put debate back in Canadian politics
CBC News Online

January 23rd 2003
Canada Prof lobbies for electoral change
CBC New Brunswick

January 22nd 2003
Political Scientists from 34 Canadian universities call for national referendum on electoral reform.
Fair Vote Canada

January 6th 2003
NDP front-runner promises referendum
The Vancouver Sun

NDP risks stagnating, Nystrom warns
Globe and Mail

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