IRV Commentary
October 10th 2009
Independent Voters Have Little Voice In Congress; Isn't It Time to Change That?
U.S. Politics Today

The voiceless population and what we can do to give independents and 3rd parties a chance to speak.

September 2nd 2009
And the Winner Is...
The Political Reform Blog

New America's Blair Bobier makes the case that if the Motion Picture Academy can see the wisdom of IRV, so should the state of California as it considers changing to the "top two" primary system.

July 24th 2009
Ranked-choice voting a better fit for today's elections
MPR News

FairVote Minnesota's Jeanne Massey explains how the adoption of IRV in Minneapolis is a much needed and welcome change in light of the current political climate, and hopes that it will be the springboard for movement towards IRV in the entire state.

July 23rd 2009
Instant runoff voting campaign kicks off in St. Paul
MPR News

St. Paul IRV supporters are gearing up to start a campaign to use IRV not just for this upcoming election in St. Paul city elections, but for good.

July 22nd 2009
Instant Runoff Voting Could Lead to Big Savings for Cities, Counties

AB 1121, a bill allowing for IRV to be used in California's local elections, can save jurisdictions money in challenging economic times.

July 5th 2009
It�s Time to Bring Majority Rule to the American Election Process
Richmond Times-Dispatch

The results of Virginia's recent Democratic gubernatorial primary illustrate how winner-take-all elections can produce winners who don't receive the majority of the vote. IRV ensures election winners have majority support.

June 17th 2009
Instant Runoff Elections are a Vote for Civility
Yes! Magazine

Fair Vote's Executive Director, Rob Richie, explains how IRV is greatly benefiting the election process of Burlington, Vermont.

March 9th 2009
A look at instant-runoff voting
Daily Freeman-Journal

Daily Freeman-Journal writer Andy Hallman talks about the difficulties third parties have in American elections. He advocates for instant runoff voting as a solution.

March 2nd 2009
Instant democracy available in instant runoff elections
Chicago Tribune

Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn proposes insant runoff voting as a solution to the problems that plague the current special election to fill Rahm Emmanuel's vacated House seat.

February 13th 2009
Ranked Choice Voting on Ballot Again in Pierce County
Seattle Weekly

Krist Novoselic talks about the upcoming IRV ballot measure in Pierce County.

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