From international elections analysis to creative thinking about local voting systems, FairVote for years has written widely and substantively about important democracy topics and done groundbreaking research.

In 2006, we launched three new formal report series to ensure this writing, research and innovation reaches audiences that can use it to advance election reform. These three series are:

Research Reports analyze American and international elections and election practices, studying the effect on voter participation, fairness in representation and competitive choice.

Policy Perspectives provide elected officials, reform advocates and the media with analyses of elections and electoral reform issues at every level of government.

Democracy Innovations introduce new ideas and strategies to advance our vision of "the way democracy will be."

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Research Reports

December 1st 2009
International Snapshot: Japan 2009

The Japanese parliamentary elections in August 30, 2009 marked a turning point in Japanese political history.

April 21st 2009
Universal Voter Registration: An International Perspective

August 28th 2008
Uniformity in Election Administration: A 2008 Survey of Swing State County Clerks

Missouri Edition

July 30th 2007
A Survey and Analysis of Statewide Election Recounts. 1980-2006.

July 11th 2007
International Snapshot: Scotland 2007

A Dry Run for Proportional Voting

March 29th 2007
Assessing Instant Runoff Voting in Takoma Park (MD)

Executive Summary of Exit Poll Findings of January 30, 2007

October 2nd 2006
Federal Primary Election Runoffs and Voter Turnout Decline

This study looks at the decline in voter turnout between primary and primary runoff elections for federal races from 1994-2006.

August 1st 2006
International Snapshot: Poland

Parliamentary Elections, September 2005

June 6th 2006
Majority Rule in International Presidential Elections

The Dominant Role of Runoffs Around the World

April 5th 2006
International Snapshot: Israel 2006

Knesset Election, March 2006

April 4th 2006
International Snapshot: Ukraine

Verkhovna Rada Election, March 2006

February 1st 2006
International Snapshot: Palestine 2006

Legislative Election, January 2006

December 20th 2005
International Snapshot: Iraq 2005

Elections Roundup, January and December 2005

September 25th 2005
International Snapshot: Japan

Parliamentary Election, September 2005

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Policy Perspectives

April 3rd 2008
Delegating Democracy

August 9th 2007
Fuzzy Math: Wrong Way Reforms for Allocating Electoral College Votes

March 9th 2007
The feasibility of instant runoff voting in Vermont

Options and issues for implementation

January 31st 2007
Democracy Denied

Washington, DC's Lack of U.S. Senators Hurts Urban America Too

May 31st 2006
Outside Looking In

How Shutting Washington, D.C. Out of the Presidential Primary Process Hurts Black and Urban America

April 1st 2006
The Missing Half

Ensuring Fair Representation in Post-merger Essex, VT

February 21st 2006
A Solution to Louisiana's Post-Katrina Electoral Problems

Responsiveness, Voting Rights and Continuity in Congressional Representation

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Democracy Innovations

May 4th 2006
Municipal Right to Vote Action Plan

The Next Step Toward a Fully Protected Right to Vote

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Other Reports

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Filibuster 2005

Redistricting Reform Watch 2005

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