The feasibility of instant runoff voting in Vermont
Options and issues for implementation

By Caleb Kleppner
Published March 9th 2007
On the heals of a successful 2006 Burlington mayoral election using instant runoff voting (IRV), Vermont House Bill 196 proposes IRV for some statewide elections beginning in 2008. In March 2007, the Secretary of State released a report on the feasibility of IRV elections in 2008.

FairVote commissioned a complementary report by Caleb Kleppner, one of the nation's foremost experts on the use and administration of ranked choice elections. This report lays out a full range of implementation options for Vermont and includes topics such as voting equipment, counting procedures and voter education programs. Along with the Secretary of State's report, Kleppner's report will help legislators and election officials develop an IRV implementation roadmap for 2008 and beyond.

Individual report documents are available below. You can download the full report in .zip form by clicking the report icon above.

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