Democracy Denied
Washington, DC's Lack of U.S. Senators Hurts Urban America Too

By Ryan Griffin, Jack Santucci, David Moon
Published January 31st 2007
The D.C. Fair and Equal House Voting Rights Act (H.R. 328 2007) would grant the residents of our nation�s capital an historic voting member in the United States House of Representatives. While a critical step toward giving a voice to District of Columbia residents H.R. 328, however, does not address the problem of the District�s lack of representation in the U.S. Senate. Beyond addressing a serious injustice to Washingtonians, U.S. Senate representation for the District would benefit urban residents around the nation. This is because (1) no U.S. Senator currently represents a majority urban state, as defined as people living in major cities, (2) there is a paucity of past experience with urban governance in the present U.S. Senate and (3) two U.S. Senators can be enough to change a legislative outcome.

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