2006 Maine Democratic Party Platform
The full platform is available at: www.mainedems.org

Good Government, Fair Taxes and Fiscal Responsibility

  • Supports the elimination of the Social Security tax earnings limit.
  • Promotes the general welfare, delivers promised social services, makes needed public investments, and embraces transparency, accountability, and fiscal responsibility.
  • Ensures an informed citizenry by: promoting the diversification of communications media; supporting public broadcasting and upholding public interest standards for broadcasters; expanding cable franchising, and increasing public access to communications by supporting an uncensored and democratically managed Internet; and extending low-cost, high speed Internet access to all communities.
  • Promotes democratic accountability through: campaign finance reform including publicly funded elections at all levels; a fair redistricting process; eliminating term limits or increasing the number of terms for state legislators; and a transparent, equitable voting system where: every vote counts, no voter is intimidated, ballots have a verifiable paper trail, and preference voting is supported through reforms such as instant runoff voting or fusion voting.
  • Supports a fair, progressive tax system that focuses tax responsibilities on those most able to pay, reduces reliance on property taxes, and expands the tax base to include taxes on non-essential services.
  • That limits land taking by eminent domain exclusively to federal, state and local governments, only for projects directly benefiting the public and not for private gain or benefit.