FairVote e-News
As you consider your year-end tax planning, we hope you will consider making good use of the income tax charitable deduction. No matter what your income, you can almost always lower your income taxes through donations to FairVote�s reform work. Here are some ideas for supporting FairVote in 2007 and the future. We would be pleased to help you with any of the below and any other donation questions.
  • Gift of Stock � If you own stock, it can be wise to contribute it directly rather than cash. A gift of appreciated stock both avoids a capital gains tax and provides a charitable deduction.

  • Monthly Giving � Regular gifts are a big help, and many of our donors make monthly contributions via credit cards or automatic bank deductions.

  • Gifts of Real Estate � A residence, vacation home or acreage may have appreciated in value through the years so that giving it to FairVote would avoid a sizeable capital gains tax and still provide the benefits of a (large!) charitable deduction.

  • Bequests �Depending on your wealth, federal and state estate taxes can take a large share of one�s estate. Even if there is no tax benefit for you, we hope you will consider a charitable bequest to FairVote in your will � and let us know of your plans.

  • Combined Federal Campaign � FairVote is part of the Combine Federal Campaign for federal workerse and expects to be in 2008. Our CFC number is 10132.

  • Working Assets- FairVote is a 2007 Working Assets recipient. If acting before January 1st, Working Assets customers can go online and give us as many points as you can. And please nominate us to have a chance for its 2009 campaign!

  • Employer Matching - Some employers will match or even double-match charitable gifts. If your company has such a program, please enclose the form along with your gift.

For more information on making a special gift to FairVote, please contact Ross Margulies, Development Director, at rossm (AT)fairvote.org or (301) 270-4616.