FairVote 2010 Campaign

FairVote leads the nation in proposing and winning bold innovations to improve our democracy, grounded in our belief that representative democracy demands respect for every vote and every voice.

We had another remarkable year of reform progress and look forward to 2010 with great anticipation. See our new video on the promise of the coming decade: http://www.fairvote.org/?page=2557.

This month we will unveil our new website. We will establish a dedicated page listing the names of individual Americans around the country who support our vision. A contribution of $35 will earn a lasting place of honor on our FairVote 2010 donor page. Gifts of $100, $250, and $1,000 will be especially highlighted, and our USA map will present supporters by state, with a friendly competition among the states.

Thank you for your support!

FairVote is the only organization in America that focuses exclusively on the fundamentals of electoral reform -- on making democracy a sleek Ferrari, not a rusty Model T. That is why I give FairVote every dime and every hour I can spare.
--New Yorker senior editor and FairVote board member Hendrik Hertzberg,
July 2009