IRV Op-Eds
February 15th 2005
Instant Runoff Voting Sets an Example
Brown Daily Herald

Providence city councilman David Segal urges Brown University students to support IRV for campus elections

February 13th 2005
The benefits of instant-runoff voting
St Petersburg Times (FL)

Columnist highlights IRV's propensity toward positive campaigning

January 26th 2005
Instant runoff would end spoiler effect in elections
San Jose Mercury News

IRV's success in San Francisco demonstrates its potential to create fairer elections on a national scale.

December 3rd 2004
A solution to the electoral meltdown
The San Diego Union Tribune

San Diego mayoral election demonstrates need for instant runoff voting in order to allow multiple candidates and maximize voter choice.

November 9th 2004
Ignoring Tired Pleas
Indy Bay (CA)

President of San Francisco's Board of Supervisors on presidential politics

October 27th 2004
Democrat for a day, reformer for life

FairVote Chairman John Anderson discusses the 2004 election and the state of our electoral system. He proposes multimember district proportional representation and instant runoff voting as solutions to reinvigorate American democracy.

July 12th 2004
De-spoiling the Election
The Nation

FairVote analyst Steven Hill and Executive Director Rob Richie cite IRV to prevent the spoiler problem in presidential elections

June 8th 2003
Understanding the instant runoff

Tallahasse decides to go without runoff primaries due to the time needed to count all the votes. Op-Ed recommends using instant runoff voting.

June 6th 2003
Rewriting Florida election laws and hoping the jokes stop
Daytona Beach News-Journal

Op-Ed recommends that Florida adopt instant runoff voting. Purports that the main objections against this system are that it is inconvenient, and that it's too complicated for voters to understand.

June 4th 2003
Implement instant runoff voting now
San Francisco Bay View

San Francisco should implement instant runoff voting immediately.

April 5th 2003
Save Our Democracy: A Call to Action
Common Dreams

Fairvote's Rob Richie and Steven Hill make a call for a stronger and more representative democracy in wake of America's failing social indicators and poor international agenda.

March 30th 2003
Lessons in Voting From the French

Op-Ed advocates instant runoff voting, citing France's presidential runoff election fiasco between Jacques Chirac and Jean-Marie Le Pen as an example.

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