IRV Op-Eds
January 26th 2003

The Green Party at UC Davis proposes choice voting for student ballot.

January 24th 2003
Instant Runoff Voting for Oxford University Chancellor Election
London Times

Instant runoff voting (IRV) is a popular system in the United Kingdom, where it is usually known as "the alternative vote." On March 14-15, more than 50,000 members of the Oxford University community are expected to vote under IRV rules to elect thei

November 21st 2002
I want my IRV
Wisconsin State Journal

Illustrations show how IRV would have drastically altered the results of Wisconsin's last gubernatorial election, where Jim Doyle was victorious with less than 50% of the vote.

November 19th 2002
Majority should rule in elections
Duluth News Tribune

Tony Solgard explains how instant runoff voting spares the expense of another election, maximizes participation in choosing the winner and preserves alternative choices in the process -- all while ensuring that the majority chooses the winners.

November 13th 2002
Duluth may consider instant runoff voting

Instant runoff voting for the mayoral race could become a city legislative priority for Duluth, Minnesota.

November 8th 2002
Lawmakers Consider Amendment
ABC-22 News

Governor Howard Dean said "I think it should be I.R.V., instant runoff voting, because I think it's the cheapest and it makes the most sense, but that's going to be up to the legislature. I'm not going to be around to influence that debate

November 5th 2002
Ventura's Senate appointment hinders Penny's campaign
Duluth News Tribune

Candidates call for instant-runoff voting ballot measures in Minnesota as the gubernatorial election heats up.

November 4th 2002
Election 2002: Hold Your Nose, Vote, Then Fight For Reform
Arianna Online

Huffington discusses the divisiveness of the 2002 Election cycle as well as a number of electoral system reforms she believes are needed, among them, instant runoff voting.

October 25th 2002
Camejo seeks attention, votes in campaign's last weeks
San Francisco Chronicle

California governorship candidate, Peter Camejo, a left wing reformer with ties to the Socialist and Green parties faces numerous obstacles on his path to electoral victory, yet, promises to implement an instant-runoff ballot if successful.

September 18th 2002
Blues of The Greens: An invigorating candidate is unjustly pushed to the sidelines
The Economist

Peter Camejo, the Green Party candidate for California governor, would face much less animosity if California were to adopt instant-runoff voting ballot measures.

August 29th 2002
IRV Supporters Say Partisanship Sunk Alaska Ballot Measure

Fairvote's Robert Richie blames partisan politics for this week's defeat of Ballot Measure 1 in Alaska at an American Political Science Association panel discussion.

August 24th 2002
Instant runoff ballots work, mates

Australian political science professor Dr. Benjamin Reilly talks about his trip to Alaska and discussion with voters there about Measure 1, which would institute instant runoff voting.

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