IRV Op-Eds
February 20th 2006
Instant Runoff Voting Would Spur Debate, Give Everyone A Voice
The Arizona Daily Star

Jim Sinex, of, advocates adoption of IRV in Tuscon, Arizona as a way to increase voter interest and turnout in local elections.

February 12th 2006
Let's take city elections out of hands of very few
Houston Chronicle

Op-Ed that advocates IRV for Houston city elections arguing that runoffs give the final decision to a very small number of voters. References recent success in San Francisco.

January 11th 2006
Party, Party, Party
Seven Days

In this oped, Bill Mckibben shows how IRV could open up Vermont's politics, and bridge the growing rift between voters and their parties.

December 22nd 2005
Louisiana's Electoral Disaster
Washington Post

Postponed elections, faulty voter rolls, and FEMA intransigence dilute Louisiana democracy. FairVote's Rob Richie and Ryan O'Donnell make the case for reforms including universal voter registration and ranked choice absentee ballots.

December 13th 2005
A Voter's Bill of Rights

Candidate for Massachusetts Secretary of State John Bonifaz sets out a ten point agenda for fairer elections and greater voter choice, including instant runoff voting, proportional representation, and a constitutionally-protected right to vote.

July 26th 2005
Electoral Reform Pays
Green Horizon Quarterly

FairVote's Ryan O'Donnell explores the role of third parties in expanding American democracy through history. He suggests IRV and proportional voting will be the latest reforms in this evolution.

May 29th 2005
Legislature needs to act on instant runoff voting
The Rutland Herald

John Anderson: Vermont's strong tradition of political independence means it's ready for IRV.

May 5th 2005
Audition a New Form of Runoff
Palm Beach Post

Journalist uses American Idol Voting to Demonstrate Need for IRV

April 25th 2005
Instant runoff voting saves time, money
New York Daily News

Mark Green, 2001 Democratic nominee for mayor of New York and president of the New Democracy Project, advocates instant runoff voting for New York City

April 19th 2005
Oakland Special Election: A Better Way
Berkeley Daily Planet

City Council candidate advocates IRV for crowded race

April 1st 2005
Instant runoffs would improve Lansing elections
Lansing State Journal

FairVote advisory committee member publishes IRV opinion piece

February 24th 2005
San Francisco's Innovation in Democracy- Instant Runoff
Chrisitan Science Monitor

Rob Richie and Steven Hill's opinion piece on Instant Runoff Voting in San Francisco in the Christian Science Monitor discusses the deeper problems in American elections.

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