New York

31 seats: 12R, 19D

Where It Ranks Among the States (House Elections 2000)

  • Voter Turnout: 41st (42%)
  • Victory Margin: 39th (47%)

Facts in Focus

  • The 2000 U.S. House elections were the third in a row that averaged a margin of victory greater than 45%. The state's average victory margins have been consistently high in 1992-2000 34% in 1992, 45% in 1994, 40% in 1996, and 48% in 1998.
  • 87% of New York's U.S. House races were won by landslide margins of more than 20%. In fact, almost half of races were won by margins over 40%.
  • None of 31 U.S. House races in New York was won by a margin less than 10%. In 1994-2000, 118 of 124 races were won by comfortable margins of at least 10%.
  • All but one of the incumbents running for re-election won in 2000. Of the last 267 incumbents running for re-election in New York, 260 have won.
  • New York's first district was one of only six nationwide where an incumbent lost to a challenger.
Only 29% of adult New Yorkers voted for their representative in the U.S. House this is consistent with the low "representation index" since 1992.
  • Women won 6 House seats in 2000; as recently as 1990, no women represented New York in the House.
  • One-third of the state's 33 seats are held by incumbents who have won their last four elections by at least 20%.

  • How New York ranked in 2000


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