New Mexico

3 seats: 2R, 1D

Where It Ranks Among the States (House Elections 2000)

  • Voter Turnout: 34th (47%)
  • Victory Margin: 4th (19%)

Facts in Focus

  • In six elections from 1984 to 1994, 16 of 18 U.S. House races in New Mexico were won by landslide margins of at least 20%. In 1996-2000, however, only 2 of 11 races (counting two special elections) was won by landslide.
  • About one in four adults in New Mexico elected anyone to the U.S. House of Representatives in 2000 this is a lower "representation index" than that of 45 other states. This is the reason why the state has a percentage of "wasted votes" closer to that of states with one district (41%).
  • Republicans received 47% of the statewide vote in New Mexico but received 66% of the seats. Democrats also won only a third of seats in 1996 despite winning a plurality of the vote that year.
  • Third parties earned just 2% of the vote in 2000, but in two special elections in 1997-98, the Green Party won an average of 16% of the vote. The Greens' relative success has helped spur many in New Mexico to support instant runoff voting to allow voters to rank their electoral choices and reallocate the votes of losing candidates until there is a consensus, majority winner.

How New Mexico ranked in 2000

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