Yes On Three

Endorsements of Amendment Three and IRV

Amendment 3 and IRV have endorsements across the political spectrum—Liberals and Conservatives, Democrats and Republicans, Independents and Libertarians and Greens, Urban and Rural, Labor and Business.  Folks who don’t agree on much else support Amendment 3 and IRV.

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The League of Women Voters of Tacoma-Pierce County
The League of Women Voters of Washington
The News Tribune
The Peninsula Gateway
America in Solidarity
Pierce County 2nd Legislative District Democrats
People for Peace, Justice, and Healing, Pierce County
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Elected Officials

Jim Walton, former Tacoma City Manager, Vice-Chair Charter Review Commission
Dick Muri, Pierce County Council
Tim Farrell, Pierce County Council
Terry Lee, Pierce County Council
Julie Anderson, Tacoma City Council
Jake Fey, Tacoma City Council
Derek Young, Gig Harbor City Council
Ryan Mello, Metro Parks Commission
Mark Hamilton, Bonney Lake City Council
Laurie Jinkins, Chair of 2004 Tacoma Charter Review
Gerry Gustafson, President, King-Pierce County Farm Bureau
Grant Pelesky, Pierce County Charter Review Commissioner
Kelly Haughton, Pierce County Charter Review Commissioner
Nancy Mottet-Elbert, Pierce County Charter Review Commissioner
Jason Whalen, Pierce County Charter Review Commissioner
Paul Calta, Pierce Country Charter Review Commissioner
Ken Dolan, Pierce County Charter Review Commissioner
Mike Venuto, Pierce County Charter Review Commissioner
Linda Frank, 25th District PCO
(Miz) Liz McKercher, 27th District PCO
Mark San Souci, Citizen member, Pierce County Performance Audit Committee
Marilyn Kimmerling, 27th District PCO
Representative Dennis Kucinich
    [ Endorsement letter from Rep. Kucinich ]
Representative Jesse Jackson, Jr.
    [ Endorsement letter from Rep. Jackson ]
Rep. Toby Nixon (Kirkland)
Rep. Jim Moeller (Vancouver)
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Community Leaders*

Craig Ueland, Russell Investment Group
Mike Phillips, Russell Investment Group
Colleen Waterhouse, President of Pierce County ACLU
Jeff Richardson, Pierce County Central Labor Council
Thom Hartmann, Air America Radio Talk-Show Host
Kristeen Hanselman, President, Economic Opportunity Institute
John Burbank, Executive Director, Economic Opportunity Institute
Larry Seaquist, Candidate for State Representative, 26th District
Darrel Shiley, Candidate for Pierce County Auditor
Todd Iverson, Co-founder of America in Solidarity, ILWU #23
Susan Eidenschink, Vice-President, League of Women Voters Tacoma-Pierce County
Dee Youmans, Lakeview Area Neighborhood Association
Prof. Richard Anderson-Connolly, University of Puget Sound
Prof. Mark Jensen, Pacific Lutheran University
Prof. Michael Honey, University of Washington-Tacoma
Sol Riou, Puget Sound Climate Crisis
Kathryn Scott, Earth Charter
Carolyn Hartt, Earth Charter
John Earl, Peninsula Gateway 2006 Guest Columnist
Brett Wilhelm, Libertarian Party of Washington State
Stacy Emerson, Midland Citizen's Action Group
Mike Gillis, Green Party of Washington State
Larry Pratt, Washington State Progressive Party
*(Organizational Affiliations for Identification Purposes Only)
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Sallie Shawl
Barb Gorzinski
Jeff Lyon
Barbara Dolan
Don Vandervelde
Chris Karnes
Jan Twardowski
Doug & Alice Sharp
Erne & Marti Lewis
Mike & Jill Scholtens
J. Mills
Michael Garrity
Dawn Lucien
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Other Supporters of Instant Runoff Voting

Howard Dean, Chair, Democratic National Commitee
Senator John McCain
Senator Barack Obama
John Anderson, former Independent Presidential Candidate
Krist Novoselic, Washington Voters Association
Rob Richie, Executive Director, FairVote-The Center for Voting and Democracy
David A. Holtzman, Los Angeles Voters For Instant Runoff Elections (L.A. VoteFIRE)

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