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Pierce County Voters Choose IRV!

Amendment 3 victory means better county elections.

Thank you to everyone who helped us pass Amendment 3 and replace the pick-a-party primary with IRV for county offices.

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Amendment Three

Why We Need It

Pierce County voters demonstrated their overwhelming dislike of the pick-a-party primary by approving the "top-two" primary Initiative 872 in 2004. Voters were looking for a way to regain the choice of any candidate from any party they had with Washington's traditional blanket primary.

Unfortunately, political parties successfully challenged the "top-two" primary in court by arguing that the "top-two" primary, like the blanket primary before it, did not allow parties to control the use of their names on the ballot.

A Better Solution for Pierce County

Pierce County Proposed Charter Amendment Three offers a solution for restoring voter choice while at the same time meeting the legal objections to the "top-two" primary. Amendment Three replaces the primary with a single election in November using Instant Runoff Voting (IRV). Voters are able to rank the candidates they like, allowing them to vote for any candidate from any party. Parties control their own ballot line, allowing them to protect the use of their name on the ballot.

Amendment Three gives voters the choices they had with the blanket primary while still satisfying the legal requirements of the parties.











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