Election Day: Register, Monitor, Get Help
I Voted Today sticker

In keeping with DemocracyUSA's commitments to expand the electorate and increase voter participation, we've made the following links available to help you participate in our democracy.

CanIVote.org - An initiative of the National Association of Secretaries of State, Can I Vote lets you find out whether you're registered, in what jurisdiction, what your polling place is and what deadlines apply to you. It even has links to information about candidates and how to become a pollworker.

GoVote.org - Working Assets and txtvoter have teamed up to register you in 5 minutes. "Just follow our four easy steps -- then print, sign, stamp and mail your form in." The site also has information on volunteering, and it'll let you text-message friends to remind them.

VerifiedVoting.org - Sign up to be a poll observer and collect important information for Verified Voting's study and pending recommendations on U.S. elections.

MyPollingPlace.com - A project of Election Protection (LCCR, PFAWF, NAACP), this site offers bilingual, state-based live hotlines in particularly at-risk precincts. Voters can call to to find out where and how to vote and for assistance with intimidation and other forms of disenfranchisement. Assistance is state-specific. Call 1-866-OUR-VOTE.

Vote411.org - The League of Women Voters' comprehensive resource on deadlines, polling places, equipment, candidate and ballot measure information, ID requirements, provisional ballots, early voting, eligibility and agency contact information.

VoterStory.org - Report irregularities you witnessed or experienced personally using a short online form. Optional code is available to place the form on your own webpage. Stories will be automatically referred to non-profits and election protection groups who can follow up with assistance.