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Young People and Voting

Throughout our history, movements for better government, civil rights and real democracy have thrived off the efforts of young people.

We believe the struggle for better representation and systems that give us all a right at the polls has far reaching implications for young adults.

As many organizations and individuals work to increase and improve turnout it is important that we examine the electoral systems in use today. Our current winner-take-all system far too often leaves little to the imagination. Our elections are becoming less and less competitive, creating an even tougher challenge to increase turnout. Fewer and fewer issues are being brought to the table and in the place of issues campaigns are becoming more and more negative. This trend has left young people--who make up the largest portion of first time voters--more and more disillusioned with the process, the system and the idea of participating in either.

Our nation�s current winner-take-all system leaves few chances for young people�s voices to be heard. With so many youth left voiceless at all levels of government, it is no wonder we continue to see turnout numbers that reflect this sense of hopelessness.

What can we do to get more young people to vote?

Request a Presentation : please include date (s), approximate time, and location.

Data on Youth Participation  


Mobilizing Youth For Electoral Reform (Microsoft Publisher format)
IRV Brochure (.pdf format)

More information on Proportional Representation, Instant Runoff Voting

Find out about alternative voting systems in student governments and read the latest campus news .

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