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C-Span Coverage of CVD Conference


Coverage of FairVote's 1993 conference, 2 hours in length




John Cleese Explains Full Representation (Video)


British comedian Cleese in a humorous, informative 10-minute video (made in 1985) on why Great Britain should adopt full representation (also called "proportional representation," or "PR") and a 1998 follow-up video. 




Instant Runoff Voting (Video)

A short graphic-based video introduced by actress Kelley Lynch that clearly explains instant runoff voting.



Choice Voting: State of the Art Democracy (Video)

A FairVote video with stylish graphics on the choice voting form of full representation.



Three on Full Representation: John Cleese, Cumulative Voting and New Zealand (Video)

NBC news story on cumulative voting; John Cleese's explanation of full representation; and news feature on New Zealand's historic 1993 referendum to adopt PR.



1995 Conference: Speeches and Panels (Video)

Conference Kickoff: Howard Fain, Cynthia Terrell, Matthew Cossolotto, Rob Richie


Major Reports
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Fixing Elections: The Failure of America's Winner Take All Politics

Published in July 2002, this widely--praised book by FairVote's Steven Hill illustrates how our winner-take-all political system is at the root of many of our worst political problems





Of Grunge and Government: Let's Fix this Broken Democracy!

Written by Krist Novoselic, bassist and founder member of Nirvana. In the book Novoselic discusses how Nirvana emerged as the world's biggest band of the early 1990s, how he got involved in politics and why we need electoral reform --  in particular full representation and instant runoff voting. 





A Right to Representation: Proportional Systems for the 21st Century

In this book, an outgrowth of her earlier Proportional Representation and Electoral Reform in Ohio, Kathleen Barber explores the origins of PR systems, explains their use and adaptability, and supplies empirical evidence of how they actually work in practice.


Whose Vote Counts?




In an argument made all the more pertinent in the wake of the 2000 election crisis, the authors propose making election outcomes represent all Americans through proportional representation.  Winner-take-all elections are used in the vast majority of American elections, leaving those who voted for losing candidates without representation in government, and too often disillusioned with politics. The Center for Voting and Democracy's Rob Richie and Steven Hill argue that we need a new way of electing our representatives to combat voter apathy and the leveling of political views. Leading activists and scholars, including Cynthia McKinney, John Ferejohn, and Daniel Cantor, respond. Harvard law professor Lani Guinier writes the foreword.




Real Choices, New Voices: The Case for Proportional Representation in the U.S.

The definitive book on the subject of full representation in the United States. Chapters explain how full representation would ensure fair representation for all voters, eradicate gerrymandering, encourage issue-oriented campaigns, break the two-party monopoly, give fairer representation for women and minorities, and encourage higher voter turnout.





The International IDEA Handbook of Electoral Design

An excellent report on the world's electoral systems, with sample ballots and articles.



 Behind the Ballot Box: A Citizen's Guide to Voting Systems

 A comprehensive and objective guide to all voting methods, from variations of winner-take-all elections to variations of proportional representation, with a particular focus on semi-proportional systems, and the plurality/majority voting systems that are currently used in the U.S. The book includes a set of criteria for evaluating voting systems, an explanation of the workings of each system, and a discussion of their various political advantages and disadvantages.

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Booklets / Short Items
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Illinois Assembly on Political Representation and Alternative Electoral Systems
  An in-depth investigation into the cumulative voting system previously used by the Illinois State Legislature, with implications which go beyond the state.
Full Representation:  Election Systems Manual
  A complete guide to exploring proportional and semi-proportional voting systems, with an emphasis on providing fair representation for racial minorities in their communities. Published with the Southern Center for Studies in Public Policy (Atlanta, Georgia).







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