LWVMN Position on Alternative Voting Systems
Alternative Voting Systems:  Support of the option to use Instant Runoff Voting to elect State or Local Officials in single seat elections.  LWVMN also supports the continued use of the plurality voting system in our elections.  The LWVMN Board reserves the right to decide the appropriateness of legislation proposing to replace the plurality voting system with the Instant Runoff System at the state level.  LWVMN strongly supports the right of local governments and municipalities to choose Instant Runoff Voting for their own elections.  Voters need to understand how votes in an election are tabulated and how a candidate actually wins an election.  If a change in elections occurs, LWVMN strongly supports adequate voter education.  LWVMN does not support Approval, Borda Count, or Condorcet as alternative voting systems.