Eight Reforms
The past several election cycles have demonstrated that basic fundamentals of our electoral system remain dangerously flawed. Instead of a single, unified national electoral system, voting is administered by a hodgepodge collection of state, county and local bodies setting different, and at times conflicting electoral policies. Many of the same irregularities, inequities and improprieties that plagued the 2000 presidential election returned in 2004 and again in 2008. Voting machines malfunctioned and in some cases did not work at all. Voters suffered harassment and intimidation at the polls, many were wrongly turned away without casting a ballot, and some were incorrectly purged from the voter rolls. Improperly trained and underpaid poll workers gave inadequate or incorrect information to voters. Overwhelmed with new voter registration, election officials often produced incomplete voter rolls – and nearly a third of our adult population remains unregistered.

To address these deficiencies and improve upon the Help America Vote Act of 2002, The Right to Vote Initiative has developed a series of a series of commonsense reforms to secure the right to vote at the polls and improve the quality and security of the electoral process. They include:

  • A Constitutional Right to Vote
  • Uniform Standards and Real Accountability
  • Universal Voter Registration
  • Early Voting/Election Day as Holiday
  • Fair Provisional Ballot and Voter ID laws
  • Public Interest Voting Machines
  • Nonpartisan Election Administration
  • Voting Rights For All U.S. Citizens

Contact Your Congressperson and tell them to get active on these eight reforms