The key below is designed to interpret how the data is presented. It is important to stress that the presidential election data is not a measure of Bill Clinton's coattails. Rather, it is simply a reliable means to measure the partisan nature of districts and any changes -- usually small -- that took place in this partisan nature between 1992 and 1996. Barring dramatic national developments, these predictions are subject to change only if an incumbent does not run or is involved in a major scandal.

Landslide / "Comfortable" A "landslide" victory is by at least a margin of 20%; a "comfortable" victory is by at least a margin of 10%
[Representative] / Untouchable Bold type indicates an "untouchable" incumbent;"untouchable" is defined as winning by a landslide in both 1994 and 1996
[Representative] Italics indicates that the might not win by a landslide in 1998 if the other major party ran a serious candidate
{[Representative]} Indicates Bill Clinton's district percentage was lower than 41% in 1996
[Representative] Indicates Clinton's district percentage was higher than 57% in 1996
R D I "R" for Republican, "D" for Democrat, "I" is for Independent
* Incumbent who was in office before November 1996 election
1996 1994 1992 Percent of the votes the representative received in 1996, 1994 and 1992
U L C "U" indicates that the race was uncontested by the other major party; "L" indicates a "landslide" win despite a sub-60% percentage, while "C" indicates a "comfortable" win despite a sub-55% percentage
Clinton Bill Clinton's percentage of the vote in the district in 1996
-  + Indicators of Bill Clinton's relative performance in the district or state ("-10" indicates he won 39%, which is 10% less than his 49% average)
down  up Indicates the change in Clinton's relative performance from 1992 to 1996 ("up 2" indicates that Clinton's performance was 2% better on a relative scale than in 1992 --8% better in absolute terms, as his 43% national average in 1992 was 6% less than his 49% average in 1996)
First Lists the year the representative was first elected in district

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