Ranked Choice Voting Flyers and Fact Sheets

The following resources are intended to aide you in educating both policymakers and the general public on the merits of ranked choice voting systems, as well as how to make them a reality. These resources range in complexity so that you are equipped to provide information to both lay audiences, as well as those who are well-versed in electoral systems design. We hope that with these tools, you will be armed with the education and talking points to effectively convince others that ranked choice voting systems would create a better democracy.


Resources for Multi-Seat Elections with Choice Voting

Charter Review Manual for City Council Elections
How Choice Voting Works – Flow Chart
Reforms to Enhance Independent Redistricting Fact Sheet
A Story About Proportional Voting - Brochure
The Basics - Types of Proportional Voting Systems
FairVote Article on Partisan Gerrymandering (Legal Times)
NYC - History of Choice Voting
NYC - Success of Choice Voting Chart
Cincinnati - History of Choice Voting
Cincinnati - Success of Choice Voting Chart


Resources for Single-Seat Elections with Instant Runoff Voting

Charter Review Manual for Mayoral Elections
How Instant Runoff Voting Works – Flow Chart
The Case for Instant Runoff Voting - Brochure
IRV vs. Runoffs - Brochure
FairVote Article on Instant Runoff Voting (Election Law)
San Francisco - Research on IRV Success
San Francisco - Research on IRV and Voter Turnout
Sample IRV Charter Review Testimony (Pierce County, WA)


Resources for Ranked Choice Voting Infrastructure

Ranked Choice Voting & Voting Equipment Flyer
FairVote’s Ten Reforms for State Legislators



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