News about the American Plan
August 10th 2009
Commentary: A cure for the political nomination process
Cleveland Plain Dealer

FairVote's Rob Richie and Paul Fidalgo offer a way to give everyone a say in presidential nominations while retaining the valuable state-by-state evaluation process. This piece also ran in McClatchy's newswire.

November 1st 2007
Fixing The Primary Scramble
National Journal

As part of National Journal's "Insider Interviews" series, Ryan O'Donnell talks about the primary scheduling debacle and what can be done to fix it.

October 25th 2007
Primary Season Has Already Passed Us By
Washington Post

In a look at the absurdities of the presidential primary schedule, Marc Fisher highlights the FairVote-backed American Plan as a solution.

October 4th 2007
Over Before It is Done
LA City Beat

Columnist Andrew Gumbel shows support for the American Plan to repair our broken presidential primaries.

September 2nd 2007
The Primary Problem
The New York Times

An editorial call to fix the primaries system, with a particular nod to the FairVote-backed American Plan.

August 29th 2007
If Presidential Campaigns Were Pennant Races--The Republican Scheme on California's Electoral Votes
California Progress Report

American Plan inventor Tom Gangale uses baseball to explain the problems with allocating votes by congressional district.

August 24th 2007
Christmas politics?
Bradenton Herald

A Florida paper adds to the growing choir of discontent over chaos of the presidential primary system.

March 18th 2007
Editorial | Move the Vote Forward
Philadelphia Inquirer

An editorial calls on Pennsylvania to reform its presidential nominating schedule and the American Plan by 2012.

March 15th 2007
Why This Primary Push?
Washington Post

George Will calls for a FairVote solution to the front-loading of presidential primary elections in a mid-March editorial.

March 6th 2007
Nation's Presidential Primary Calendar Is a Political Tragedy
Roll Call

Former U.S. Senator endorses the American Plan as a solution to front-loading of presidential primary elections.

December 5th 2005
A better plan needed for primaries
Rocky Mountain News

According to FairVote's Ryan O'Donnell, the Democrats should be considering the American Plan rather than moving Colorado or Nevada earlier in the primary season.

November 28th 2005
America needs a fair Presidential primary schedule for all states
Manchester Union Leader

Getting a fair primary schedule doesn't mean front-loading the early season with more states, argues FairVote's Ryan O'Donnell in a featured commentary in New Hampshire's largest newspaper.

November 9th 2005
Primary reform good for Nebraska
Lincoln Journal Star

An editorial using FairVote's report Who Picks the President to underscore the importance of electoral college and primary schedule reform.

October 11th 2005
Wrong answer to presidential-primary problem
The Orlando Sentinel

According to FairVote's Ryan O'Donnell, the electoral reform commission headed by Jimmy Carter and James Baker gives us a flawed plan to fix our broken presidential primary schedule.

September 27th 2005
What Baker-Carter Got Right
Tom Paine

In a commentary, FairVote's Rob Richie and Steven Hill praise the Carter Baker's Commission's endorsement of universal voter registration and other positives in the Commission's final report.

July 27th 2005
The unfair power of the primaries
Newark Star-Ledger

Rob Richie and Ryan O'Donnell make the case for a better system of presidential primaries that gives all states a fair say on who a party's nominee will be.