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Electoral System Reform in the News

Jan-Dec 2003

Full representation (also known as proportional representation, or ("PR") and instant runoff voting (IRV) have received steadily increasing media attention in the last decade. Following are some of the best articles and commentaries.

Articles and Commentary

St. Petersburg Times (FL): "Understanding instant runoff voting." A column highlighting the simplicity of the proposed system, and which would concurrently end the stigmatism voting Floridians still face. June 8, 2003.

Daytona Beach News-Journal (FL): "Rewriting Florida election laws and hoping the jokes stop." Article suggests instant runoff voting as a worthy election experiment, as long as voters have confidence that they are capable completing a task as simple as ranking their first, second, third, and other candidates on the ballot. June 6, 2003.

San Francisco Examiner: "Contentious new voting system rolls ahead " An update on the progress of the program to impliment instant runoff voting in the city. June 5, 2003. 

San Francisco Bay View: "Implement instant runoff voting now!" A commentary by CVD's Steven Hill outlining how the city's new instant runoff voting law may potentially increase minority representation. June 4, 2003. 

The Day (New London, CT): "American democracy could use a closer look." A commentary on how to combat the inadequacies of our democracy and their damaging effects, by CVD's Steven Hill and Rob Richie. June 1, 2003.

American Prospect Online (Boston): "Action Potential: We may be building democracy in Iraq, but we could use some election-reform measures of our own." CVD's Steven Hill and Rob Richie renew the call for full representation at home, while the world watches seeds of democracy in Iraq. May 30,2003.

Detroit Free Press: "Local Comment: A better way for state to vote." Commentary urges Michigan to require new voting equipment to support instant runoff voting. May 29, 2003

Christian Science Monitor: "Matters of proportion." With the lastest surge of interest in partisan gerrymandering, proportional representation serves as a complete and fair solution. May 28, 2003

WBZ TV (Boston): "Team Investigation - Tom Finneran." Transcript of TV news story on redistricting controversy in Massachusetts features quotes from CVD's Rob Richie and George Pillsbury. May 21, 2003 

Knight Ridder: "Innovative reforms engaging youth in politics." CVD's Rob Richie and John Russell highlight the campuse movement for instant runoff voting and choice voting. May 21, 2003.

The Courier (OH): Column by CVD board member William Redpath discusses the advantages of instant runoff voting. May 18, 2003.

Utne Reader: "Making every vote count." Commentary by Leif Utne praises efforts advancing instant runoff voting. May 2003.

Baltimore Sun: "Democracy unbalanced." The Center's Rob Richie and Steven Hill lay out an ambitious pro-democracy agenda. May 2, 2003.

American Prospect: "Ballot Boxing: Round 1 of election reform took place in Washington. Now, Round 2 is playing out in the states." Demos president Miles Rapoport explains electoral reform needs and opportunities as states implement the Help America Vote Act, including making voting equipment ready to run instant runoff voting elections. May 1, 2003

Utah Statesman (UT): "Campuses implement changes in elections." Article discusses increased interest in instant runoff voting on college campuses across the country.  April 23, 2003.
"An open letter to Ralph Nader voters." A Green Party leader urges instant runoff voting. April 23, 2003.

San Francisco Bay Guardian (CA): "Making IRV reality." Editorial encourages prompt implementation of instant runoff voting in San Francisco. April 16, 2003.

Oregon Daily Emerald : "Choice Voting gives students representation, reason to vote." Commentary by CVD's John Russell puts choice voting in student government context. Also published in University of Illinois-Chicago Today. April 14, 2003.

Seattle Post Intelligencer: "Choice voting is fairer way for Seattle to elect City Council." Commentary discusses the advantages of choice voting. April 13, 2003.

Seattle Post Intelligencer: "Reflecting the electorate." Commentary by Steven Hill and Rob Richie describe the advantages of full representation voting systems.

Common Dreams: "Save our democracy, a call to action." Commentary by Steven Hill and Rob Richie discussing the need for electoral reform. April 5, 2003.

New York Times: (NY) "The way we vote." Letter to the editor by Rob Richie indicates that instant runoff voting could reduce the threat of spoilers. April 2, 2003.

Chicago Tribune: (IL) "Voice of the people: Why vote again?" Letter to the editor by Dan Johnson-Weinberger indicates that instant runoff voting could bring more efficient elections and eliminate costly runoffs. March 30, 2003.

St Petersburg Times: (FL) "Lessons in Voting From the French." March 30, 2003.

Minnesota Sun Newspapers: (MN) "FairVote Minnesota promotes new way to vote." Article describes FairVote Minnesota's efforts to promote fair elections in Minnesota. March 27, 2003.

Associated Press: (SD) "South Dakota school system settles election lawsuit." National wire story reports on latest jurisdiction to adopt cumulative voting to boost its citizens' voting rights. March 25, 2003.

Los Angeles Times: (CA) "Don't fault the Green Party for Bush." Letter to the editor promotes instant runoff elections as a solution to the spoiler problem. March 24, 2003.

Vancouver Columbian: (WA) "In our view: A better ballot?" Editorial encourages Washington state lawmakers to give municipalities in Washington the flexibility of considering instant runoff voting. March 22, 2003.

San Francisco Chronicle: (CA) "Instant runoff voting system defended in San Francisco." Coverage of rally in which city leaders expressed support for fair and effective implementation of instant runoff voting in San Francisco this November. March 20, 2003.

The Washington state House of Representatives has passed a bill allowing certain local municipalities to use instant runoff voting. The story is followed by the Vancouver Columbian (March 14, 2003), the Oregonian (March 14, 2003), and Tacoma News Tribune (February 25, 2003).  

London Telegraph: "Patten's delight as he wins race to be Oxford's new chancellor."  The University of Oxford recently elected Chris Patten Lord Chancellor using instant runoff voting. March 18, 2003.

Tallahasee Democrat:
(FL) "Why Congress and the American People Disagree." This commentary by CVD"s Steven Hill and Rob Richie on the impact of winner-take-all elections on policy making appeared in several newspapers around the nation. March 16, 2003.

Hampshire Gazette: (MA) "Reforms are still wanted." Massachusetts activists continue to press for election reforms, including instant runoff voting. March 11, 2003.

Northwest Arkansas Online: "Election commission reviews ballot-related legislation." Article discusses pending election reform currently considered in Arkansas, including a bill to allow military voters to use instant runoff voting ballots in runoff elections. March 8, 2003.

Montpelier Times Argus: (VT) "Instant runoff backers differ from Sorrell." Leading Vermont analysts argue instant runoff voting can be implemented by statute. February 28, 2003.

The Daily Illini: (IL) "Cumulative voting might be county board reality." Article discusses new legislation to allow cumulative voting in county board elections in Illinois. February 27, 2003.

Mobile Register: (AL) "Retaining the commission's size and implementing cumulative voting would help minority representation, group said." Citizens for Responsible Government testifies in favor of cumulative voting. February 26, 2003.

Burlington Free Press: (VT) "Attorney general says runoff voting requires constitutional amendment." Article discusses the position of Vermont Attorney General William Sorrell, which is a different position articulated by the CVD. February 25, 2003.

Tacoma News Tribune: (WA) "'Instant runoff'idea proposed again." Two members of the Washington State Legislature revive instant runoff voting in a new round of debate on runoff elections. February 25, 2003.

Portsmouth Herald: (NH) "Reformers Urge New Method for Voting." Discusses the effort to adopt instant runoff voting in Maine. February 24, 2003.

Northwest Herald: (IL) "Bill Gives Power to Voters Measure Could Alter City Board." Discusses the effort to adopt cumulative voting in Illinois. February 21, 2003.

Champaign-Urbana News Gazette: (IL) "Bill Targets County Board Elections." Article discusses the effort to adopt cumulative voting in Illinois. February 21, 2003.

Wins for fair elections at Duke and UC Davis Starting as early as March 2003, the Duke Student Government will elect their six executive committee members through instant runoff voting. Also, the student body at UC Davishas overwhelmingly adopted choice voting for electing its student leadership, and has also elected the slate of candidates that sponsored fair elections.February 25, 2003.

Portland Press Herald: (ME) "Support grows for switch to run-off voting." Article discusses growing of acceptance of instant runoff voting among leaders in the Maine legislature. February 19, 2003.

St. Albans Messenger: (VT) "How Your Vote Could Count." Commentary by Vermont Secretary of State Deborah Markowitz champions instant runoff voting in Vermont. February 17, 2003.

The Duke Chronicle: (NC) "Jean-Baptiste Signs By-Laws into Amendment." Article discusses the adoption of instant runoff voting by Duke University's student legislature for student presidential elections. February 17, 2003.

Florida News Service. "Primary runoffs could make a comeback." News article highlights rising interest in option of instant runoff voting in Florida. February 16, 2003.

Fresno Bee: (CA) "Right Ballot Move." Citizen urges the Fresno city council to adopt instant runoff voting. February 10, 2003.

The UC Davis California Aggie: (CA) "Senate schooled in proposed voting system." February 3, 2003

"News articles on Steven Hill's speaking engagements in Massachusetts." Coverage from three Massachusetts publications about events on February 3, 4 and 5 featuring Steven Hill, senior analyst of the Center for Voting and Democracy.

Scott County Virginia Star: (VA) "Legislator's Proposal: Vote for a first choice, and a second." January 29, 2003

The Davis Enterprise: "Instant Runoff Voting Proposed at UCD." Article about UCD Green Party's sponsorship of Choice Voting Amendment, which would establish instant runoff voting for student government elections. January 26, 2003.

LA Weekly: "What democracy votes like: Could a new way of voting save our system?" Article about California movement to adopt instant runoff voting and full representation. January 17, 2003.

The UCSD Guardian: (CA) "Runoff voting system would improve UCSD." Editorial advocates instant runoff voting for student government elections. January 16, 2003

The Black World Today: "Election 2002: Why The Democrats Lost." Commentary by Manning Marable advocates full representation and instant runoff voting to spur more participation. January 14, 2003

The British Guardian: "Voting change would be fitting legacy, say campaigners." News article on British supporters of full representation calling for honoring memory of Lord Jenkins by reviving call for reform. January 6, 2003

Mobile Register: (AL) "New group seeks impact on wide range of issues: Sprawl, constitutional reform among topics." Citizens for Responsible Government will highlight instant runoff voting. January 6, 2003

Brattleboro Reformer: (VT) News article demonstrates strong support for passage of measure to institute instant runoff voting for statewide elections. January 6, 2003.

New Haven Register: (CT) Letter promotes instant runoff voting. January 3, 2003

Chicago Tribune: "Patrick Quinn on Patrick Quinn." Editorial on Lt. Governor-elect advocates return to Illinois' cumulative voting past. January 2, 2003

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